Conférences de Sébastien Onomo pour animation en Afrique francophone


Animation du Monde

Marvel at the Animation du Monde labelled projects, extraordinary little gems that will seduce you with their authentic stories, their unique hand, or their authors’ fearlessness and merit. A label that wants to be inclusive so that animation has no boundaries!

Support without Borders

Since 2015, dozens of territories (South Africa, Georgia, Lebanon, Thailand, Ecuador, Armenia, Cameroon, Madagascar, India, Mexico, Taiwan, etc.) have thrived from the support given by the Mifa teams. Through workshops, surrounded by experts and benefitting from local interaction, each scheme has seen unique projects reflecting local culture come to life.

The initial desire has always been to give authors an opportunity, but also to meet the women and men on-site who will be carrying the flame to the future. Backed by institutions (Instituts français, Alliances françaises), festivals and local groups, these initiatives have consistently delivered results and remain among the Mifa teams' flagship assignments.

The vast majority of the supported projects continue their journey at Annecy participating in the Mifa: an invaluable step in the process of finding producers and co-producers needed to bring the projects to fruition.

These nearly 10 years of commitment are reflected in our ongoing international initiatives, which converge at the Mifa and the Festival:

  • Assistance for projects selected at the Mifa Pitches from territories where the animation industry is emerging or becoming more established – Among the 41 projects selected in 2024, 10 projects from Madagascar, India, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina will benefit from the Animation du Monde programme.
    Discover the 2024 Mifa Pitches Selection:
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    > Feature Films
    > TV Series & Specials
  • Inviting award-winning projects from partner international festivals and marketsAnimation! – Ventana Sur (Argentina), Shortway Pixelatl (Mexico), SaqAnima (Georgia), Animarkt (Poland), Animatex (Egypt), ApaLab (Argentina)… 
  • Organising Partners Pitches as a result of the International Mifa Campus workshops – In 2024, projects that participated in workshops organised in India with AniMela and in Taïwan with TAICCA will be presented during the dedicated pitch sessions.
    > Discover the 2024 Partners Pitches from India and Taiwan
    > More information on the International Mifa Campus

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