Le Mifa Campus International, atelier au Ghana

Photo : Delphine Nicolini

International Mifa Campus

Annecy International Animation Film Market (Mifa) exports its skills and experience through a programme to support professional talents: the International Mifa Campus.

Two focal points have been identified:
- talents, for the projects’ creative and artistic aspects,
- production, to develop the industry at a local level, coproduction opportunities and funding research.

The aims of the Talents programme are:

  • to develop each project and provide the necessary coherence to affront the market,
  • to prepare for the pitching exercise to promote their project to a professional audience seeking original content.

The aims of the Production programme are:

  • to better understand how production works: chronology, business skills and the ecosystem.
  • to give an initial boost, stimulate the territory and bring together local players. Therefore, the workshop is aimed at all film professionals from the territory concerned.

In partnership with:

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Workshops carried out as part of the International Mifa Campus will be coordinated by:

Delphine Nicolini, Consultant, for the "Talents" workshops

Ivan Zuber, Co-Founder and Producer at Laïdak Films, for the "Production" workshops

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