Réunion d'équipe.


The Team

There is a staff of over 40 full-time employees working in the different CITIA departments as well as an artistic director for the Festival. This core team is enhanced by many temps and interns during the preparatory periods before the main events. During the Annecy Animation Film Festival and Market, the number rises to around a hundred salaried staff, interns and over 300 volunteers who work on the organisational team.

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Mickaël Marin

Marcel Jean
Artistic Director

Sophie Garnier
General Secretary

Raphaël Cahuzac
Project Manager

Canelle Labro
Project Manager

Anita Arnau
HR Project Manager

Cécile Petit-Vallaud
Head of Administration and Finance

Martine Jamme


Elise Miot
Annecy 2024 Protocol Assistant

Lorenzo Feldhandler
Annecy 2024 Protocol Assistant

Maud Ahmadnia
Annecy 2024 Protocol & Artistic Director’s Assistant

Rebeca Flores Gomez
Annecy 2024 Protocol Assistant & VR Jury Secretary

Sabrina Suchdev
Annecy 2024 Accommodation Manager

Amandine Dumas
Guest Hospitality Assistant (Transport and Accommodation)

Culture Division

Peggy Zejgman-Lecarme
Head of Culture Division

Antoine Laurent
Head of Cultural Development Projects

Alizé Puissant
Culture Division Assistant

Imane Belarbi
Festival Meetings Project Manager

Film Education & Residency

Géraldine Baché
Head of Film Education & Residency

Emma Bouchet
Film Education & Residency Assistant

Alexandra Rossi
Film Education & Residency Assistant

Films & Programme Planning

Laurent Million
Head of Films & Programme Planning

Yves Nougarède
Films & Programme Planning Manager

Sébastien Sperer
Films & Programme Planning Manager


Véronique Encrenaz
Head of Mifa

Frécilia Zambaux
Mifa Project Manager

Marion Provenzano
Mifa Project Manager
+ 33 (0)4 50 10 09 03

Benoît Blanchard
Head of Mifa Projects

Meghann Cuingnet
Mifa Conference and Panel Events Coordinator

Jonas Juiff
Mifa Industry Events Coordinator

Sylvain Grain
Head of Mifa Talent Projects

Térésa François
Mifa Talent Events Coordinator

Manisha Namah
Mifa Department

Harika-Maria Avila-Canu
Mifa Department

Economic Development

Yannick Heude
Head of Economic Development and Training

Cécile Schultis
Economic Support Manager

Marine Lamblin
Coordination and Events Manager, Les Papeteries – Image Factory Hub

Erwan Esteve
Receptionist Papeteries – Image Factory

Alwena Leveziel
Economic Development Department, Les Papeteries – Image Factory

Maxime Michel
Coordination and Events Manager, Les Papeteries – Image Factory


Valérie Sallaz
Head of Training

Laure Baudillon
Training Courses Administrative Coordinator

External Relations

Edwige Henry
Head of External Relations Division

Judith Cristofaro
Head of Communication

Laëtitia Socquet
Head of Communication Projects

Louise Dupin
Communication Assistant

Marion Golliet
Web Project Manager

Alexandra Farcy

Amandine Clément
Digital Communication Assistant

Océane Moro
Community Manager

Sophie Rousselle
Community Manager

Lucie Schwerm
Assistant Web Editor

Lisa Soyer
Communication Department / Web Integration

Sophie Matter
Picture Editor

Amazone Casillas-Néel
Communication Department / Photo Library

Nathalie Trochet
Video Communication Assistant

Création graphique

Barbara Stortz
Graphic Design Project Manager

Hélène Giraud
Graphic Designer

Lucile Perrin
Graphic Designer

Aude Peltier
Communication Department / Graphic Design

Marketing & Partnerships

Julie Triano
Head of Marketing and Partnership Projects

Morgane Isabelle
Marketing and Media Partnerships Assistant

Mireille Fayolle
Private Partnerships Assistant

Media Relations

Élodie Lefeuvre
Press Officer

Chloé Auffray
Media Relations Department


Nathalie Guillaumond
Publications Manager, Proofreader, Translator

Catherine Desmurs

Annah Tiprez
Correctrice, Traductrice

Information Systems

Châu Tran-Quy
Head of Development Projects

Thomas Détharré
Systems & Network Administrator

Constantin Riboud
Systems & networks Administrator Assistant

Cédric Cuz
Developer Webmaster

Thomas Hiron
Lead Developer

Anaïs Moreau
Junior Developer

Vincent Riva
Junior Symfony Developer

Alexandre Helbig
IT / Systems & Networks


Alexandre Pax
Technical Manager

Romain Pellet
Deputy Technical Manager

Pauline Launoy
Logistics Coordination Manager

Cécile Gauthier
Festival and Logistics Manager

Laurie Chouzenoux
Logistics Coordination Assistant


Vincent Viandier
Annecy 2024 Hospitality General Coordinator

Chloé Moreno
Accreditations & Customer Service Project Manager

Edgar Brée
Hospitality Department

Clara Bosch
Annecy 2024 Accreditations Data Entry Operator and Customer Service

Adeline Lavenu
Annecy 2024 Accreditations Data Entry Operator and Customer Service

Anna Thomas
Annecy 2024 Accreditations Data Entry Operator and Customer Service

Audrey Zamboni
Annecy 2024 Accreditations Data Entry Operator and Customer Service

Julien Guardiola

Marine Tuaire
Data Entry Operator – Annecy 2024 Ticketing Service

Erik Curtaz
Data Entry Operator – Annecy 2024 Ticketing Service