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Annecy Festival is with you everywhere!
Wherever you go, take the podcasts dedicated to the Annecy International Animation Film Festival with you and stay tuned to the latest news.

"Elles Animent Annecy": The Lab Femmes de Cinéma Podcast

Enjoy the new Lab Femmes de Cinéma special edition podcast series, in partnership with Les Femmes s’Animent and the Annecy Festival! These four episodes introduce you to inspiring women working in the animation industry.

Hosted by Fabienne Silvestre, the guests talk about their jobs, career paths, experiences and gender equality in animation. It's a wonderful way to create female "inspiring role models" so everyone can feel empowered, inspired and encouraged to follow their dreams in the film industry.

> Episode 1: Discover the career path of Véronique Encrenaz, Head of the International Animation Film Market.

> Episode 2: Listen to Florence Miailhe as she talks passionately about her career path, work and animation techniques!

> Episode 3: Regina Pessoa opens up about her life, her childhood in Portugal and her love of art.

> Episode 4: Flóra Anna Buda talks all about her profession, her passion for animation and her projects.

"Séance tenante": The Cinémas Pathé Podcasts!

The "Séance tenante" podcast returns this year to introduce the Annecy Festival to you through many animated episodes.

Listen to the directors of some highly-anticipated major productions, a jury member, and discover some of the Festival's highlights!

The Animashow

Hosted by Sabry O. He shares his passion for the entertainment industry in this podcast where he greets esteemed guests including studio founders, film directors, authors, etc. to discuss with them about the complex workings of global entertainment franchises.

Mediawan Kids & Family

Mediawan Kids & Family is a European studio with wide-ranging ambitions and diverse productions for all ages.

Following the Mediawan Kids & Family press conference at the International Animation Film Market, this podcast deals with their latest news, challenges and strategy in the current market, as well as exclusives on their upcoming releases, Twisted and Miaouf!