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Annecy Festival Commits!

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Concerned about current issues and our impacts, we are constantly examining the way we design, produce and run our event, with an aim for ongoing improvement, to prepare for the future with commitment and to generate a more virtuous and sustainable ecosystem.

If Annecy Festival plays a unique role in facilitating meetings, creation, business and transmission of values, this event, which attracts around 13,000 badgeholders, must examine the footprint it produces through its activity.

This is the reason why we commit to a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach, by implementing an action plan guided in particular by the "Sustainable Development Charter for Festivals" established by the French Ministry of Culture in 2021.

Our main goals:


1/ To limit our festivalgoers’ carbon footprint

  • Promote carpooling
  • Offer a special rate on public transport in the conurbation
  • Improve private collective transport solutions
  • Encourage soft mobility by organising our events within a sensible perimeter
  • Encourage people to use bicycles, set up bike parks
  • Carry out a carbon footprint assessment at the end of Annecy 2023


2/ Control consumption

  • Install low-energy lighting systems
  • Limit the use of air conditioning, choose the most efficient appliances
  • Limit the use of paper-printed media as much as possible

3/ Provide responsible food

  • Check where products come from, prioritise responsible service providers

4/ Reduce and recycle waste

Reduce waste

  • Encourage people to do without plastic bottles
  • Abandon single-use plastic tableware
  • Replace outdoor carpeting with wood flooring

Sort and recycle waste in collaboration with Aremacs

  • Install selective sorting bins and skips
  • Install recycling containers for glass
  • Recycle our self-promotional tarpaulins

5/ Implement a sustainable purchasing policy

  • Dematerialise public procurement
  • Adjust our calls for tender based on ethical criteria
  • Rethink advertising objects

6/ Reinforce the quality of our public reception and cultivate improved social harmony

  • Ensure safety and security for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, origin, religion or other group identity
  • Ensure accessibility
  • Deliver quality customer experience
  • Implement solidarity actions
  • Commit to parity, against sexual and gender-based violence and harassment, racism and anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination
  • Share our cultural heritage and reinforce our local roots


7/ Raise awareness about ecological, social and societal responsibilities

  • Stay active as organisers
  • Encourage stakeholders
  • Encourage participants

To find out more about our continuous improvement targets and associated tangible actions, click here.

Guide for Responsible Festival-Goers

In order for the Annecy Festival to remain a delectable occasion from every point of view – and not just because of its brimming programme or unrivalled atmosphere – we are committed to a socially and environmentally responsible approach.

But good practices need to be shared! So we heartily invite you to participate in the event with this same mindset. This Guide for Responsible Festival-Goers really ought to help you out. Dear attendees, for a more virtuous and sustainable festival, the ball’s now in your court!

1/ Trimming the carbon footprint of my travels

  • To reach Annecy, I choose carpools or trains.
  • During the Festival, I take 2 minutes out to fill in the survey questionnaire that the team will use to produce its Carbon Footprint analysis for the year 2023.
  • On site, I opt for soft mobility by walking or cycling.
  • I can also take advantage of special fares on the local public transit system or else choose private collective transport solutions.

2/ Controlling my consumption

  • I don’t print a thing: neither programme, nor invitations. I make use of my cell phone and the Annecy Festival application.
  • Since Annecy Festival has committed to reducing air-conditioning, I bring what I need to cool down (e.g., a fan).
  • I certainly don’t neglect to drink water often and fill my own water bottle: Annecy’s tap water is potable; as well as that of the drinking fountains, listed here.
  • I avoid wasting food. I eat local and seasonal foodstuffs – a great opportunity to discovery regional specialties!

3/ Respecting the planet

  • I try to banish plastic bottles and disposable tableware.
  • I dump nothing onto the ground, nor into the water of the Thiou or Lake Annecy! And I play by the rules of selective sorting (different containers for different types of refuse; glass bins).
  • Perhaps I find pigeons and ducks fun and funny? And swans, majestic? Then I won’t toss them my crisps or bread (just as harmful to their health) – or else I can be fined.

4/ Working on living together more harmoniously

  • Festival tradition :
    In the screening room, before the film starts, I have the right – even the duty! – to bray, bleat, hoot, cackle, meow, croak, etc. or make bubble noises (before possibly shouting "Ta gueule!" [shut up!]). During the movie, if a long-eared animal pops up onto the screen, I yell "Lapin!" lickety-split!
  • Neighbourhood disturbances:
    In Annecy, not everyone, unfortunately, can or will attend the festival. I show respect for the locals, their property and possessions. At night I keep my noise down for everyone’s peace and quiet.
  • Good environmental practices (items 1, 2, 3):
    If need be, I inform my fellow festival-goers about these good practices.
  • Sexual and gender-based harassment and violence (VHSS), racism and anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination:
    > I respect others for their individuality and refrain from any and all discriminatory remarks.
    > Non-consensual gestures should NOT exist: If there’s no yes, then it’s a NO!
    > If I am the target of or witness to hostile behaviour, I will notify a member of the Festival team or a security guard. And I can also alert the Keep Festive collective whose goal is to combat all types of discrimination in animation film festivals.
  • Security:
    > As part of the Vigipirate scheme, and to make access to the Festival and Mifa venues easier, I should not bring my luggage and make it easier for the security guards responsible for bag checks.
    > I should be vigilant at all times and report any suspicious vehicles, items or behavior to a security guard. If necessary, I should call the number 17 (Police Emergency), 112 (international number) or 114 (for people with hearing or speech difficulties).

The Annecy Festival team sends its thanks, wishing you an excellent week! As part of our ongoing improvement plan, we’re open to any and all suggestions to make this event a better place to be.

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