Annecy Festival Residency 2024: The winning projects in 2024

Discover the three animation feature film projects selected to the 2024 Annecy Festival Residency!

Le Cabanon de l’oncle Jo

Le Cabanon de l’oncle Jo de Maud Garnier et Marc Robinet, coréalisateurs, et Marie Deboissy, auteure graphique

Le Cabanon de l’oncle Jo by Maud Garnier and Marc Robinet, Co-Directors, and Marie Deboissy, Graphic Author (France)
Production: Offshore/White Star (France), Follimage (France)

1967. With a heavy heart, 9-year-old Lili leaves Tunisia with her mother. She is going to live with her Auntie Denise and Uncle Jo in Saint-Denis. Lili doesn’t like it there. The buildings are grey, Auntie Denise is a cleaning fanatic, Uncle Jo is uncommunicative, the five cousins are noisy and the group of kids that hang around the streets call her a "dirty foreigner". 
Escaping the neighbourhood hostility and her family, Lili decides to transform a piece of wasteland in the middle of the city into a luxuriant garden with jasmine, just like in Tunisia.


Zako de Tigran Arakelyan

Zako de Tigran Arakelyan

Zako by Tigran Arakelyan (Armenia)
Production: OnOff Studio (Armenia), Sacrebleu Productions (France), Broom Films (Lithuania)

The film is based on a true story. Zako is the name German soldiers gave to Soviet-Armenian painter Sargis Mangasaryan during the Second World War. Zako was in charge of drawing his tormentors’ portraits. Thanks to his talent, he survived the hell of the camps and avoided being exiled in Siberia. 
In 1956, while visiting the famous Picasso exhibition at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow, he was deeply moved by Guernica, which brought back his own memories of WWII.


Insectarium de Sofía Carrillo

Insectarium de Sofía Carrillo

Insectarium by Sofía Carrillo (Mexico)
Production: Pimienta Films (Mexico)

In a world where insects have become extinct, Cerulia works cataloging and preserving specimens for the private collection of a renowned entomologist. One afternoon, as she leaves work, she accidentally knocks a valuable moth off the pin holding it in place. In an attempt to hide the evidence, she takes the moth home, only to discover that it comes back to life.


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A two-phase mentorship was arranged for the artists: assistance with the script before they arrive, then an on-site mentorship dealing with the project’s graphic choices.