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Annecy s'anime: A Tribute to Mexican Animation

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As part of this year's tribute, discover a selection of Mexican films without dialogue from the Special Programmes.

  • Exile (Transtierro) by Susana Arrazola
  • I Contain a Space (Yo contengo un espacio) by Andrea Gudiño
  • Anfibia by Gabriela Orozco
  • Baby Grotesque by Daniela Espinosa Reyes
  • Adelina by Ana Portilla
  • El hombre de la esquina by Javiera Dolores Soledad
  • The Amazing Adventures of Grizzly Man & Turnip (Las asombrosas aventuras de Grizzly Man & Turnip) by Eduardo Gala 
  • Nihi (Ñihi) by Tamara Cruz
  • The Borderline (La Frontera) by Christian Arredondo Narvaez 
  • Hostage (Rehen) by Frida Sanchez 
  • The Hero (El héroe) by Carlos Carrera

All these films are without dialogue and therefore this screening session is accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing.