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 Programme 2023

Mifa Press Conferences

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  • CANAL+ Support Creators Who Fire Up a Child’s Imagination

    Attend the CANAL+ press conference.

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  • France Télévisions: Presentation of its Animation 2023 Ambitions and Line-up

    Attend the presentation of the Animation 2023’s ambitions and line-up of Europe’s leading animation partner.

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  • French Creation Under Strain: How Can it Bounce Back?

    Attend the annual AnimFrance press conference during the Mifa 2023, followed by a cocktail reception on the terrace.

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  • Groupe M6’s Animation Projects

    Attend the presentation of Groupe M6’s universe for youngsters and new animation projects for Gulli, Canal J and TiJi.

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  • Mediawan Kids & Family: What's New?

    Attend Mediawan Kids & Family's presentation.

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  • The Next 100

    Get an exclusive first look at the next chapter in Disney's history at this unique conference.

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