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A Conference About the Book Collection "Cinémas d'animations" (Animation Films) by L'Harmattan Publishers

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Discover the secrets of animation film at the must-see conference delivered by Pascal Vimenet, who will share his enthusiasm for the book collection "Cinémas d'animations" by L’Harmattan publishers.

Do you love animation films? Would you like to discover the latest trends and learn about the most talented creators in the industry? Well, don’t miss the conference with Pascal Vimenet who will present the book collection "Cinémas d'animations" by L’Harmattan publishers.

This collection, founded by the late Sébastien Roffat, is a genuine gold mine for all animation film enthusiasts, with works that explore every angle of the art, from its history to its most innovative animation techniques. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover or rediscover animation's great classics and most original film creations, presented by a passionate and talented expert.


  • Pascal VIMENET
    Pascal VIMENET