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Nessia Short Story 1. Anna

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Nessia City and its two suns are calling you! Will you witness the tragic fate that awaits the inhabitants? An unforgettable journey is in store for you.

It is a few minutes before the end and a few days before the start. This first short story describes Anna's journey on Earth, introducing the first fruits and concept of an original series.

In a few minutes, thousands of people will die in the beautiful city of Nessia. In a few minutes, a young woman named Anna will observe Nessia under its two suns. In a few days, Dany will take Oscar to Nessia on the greatest adventure of their lives, the one that will destroy their lives completely.

Session in French


  • Jean-Baptiste BENITEZ HUTIN
    Jean-Baptiste BENITEZ HUTIN

    Producteur / Réalisateur / Auteur

  • Manon LEGRAND
    Manon LEGRAND

    Storyboardeuse / Character Designer