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"En sortant de l’école", the Collection Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

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Attend a unique cinematic experience with the concert-film "En sortant de l’école", the Collection Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary, a vibrant tribute to French Poetry, combining sixteen poem-films and a live musical performance by four talented musicians.

This show is a tribute to poetry uniting sixteen poem-films from the "En sortant de l’école" collection, short films created by hand-picked young directors and screened each year on France Télévisions. To the audience’s delight, four highly-skilled musicians and narrators will be interpreting the text and music live. A myriad of instruments such as the piano, guitar, drums, accordion and ukulele will contribute to the palette of emotions shared in the auditorium. The concert-film allows young and old to discover or rediscover great works from poets such as Paul Éluard, Paul Verlaine, Charles Baudelaire, Jean Tardieu, Robert Desnos, Claude Roy, Guillaume Apollinaire and Andrée Chedid.

With musicians Frédéric Marchand (text, piano, accordion), Pablo Pico (drums, percussion, clarinet), Yan Volsy (keyboard, ukulele) and Julien Divisia (guitar, bass), the collections of animated poems from "En sortant de l’école" are available on the Okoo application, which is free and without adverts, and on the educational website Lumni.fr. "En sortant de l’école" is available in bookstores as a CD-book by Thierry Magnier publishers.

A Tant Mieux Prod and France Télévisions production. With support from the Drac Île-de-France, the Sacem, the Adami and the Spedidam.

Free admission, suitable for all ages from 6 years old and over