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 Programme 2023

  • Animation Festival Network Presents the Award-Winners from Its Member Festivals

    Discover the award-winning films from Animafest Zagreb, Animateka, Animest, Fest Anča and Anifilm!

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  • Ghosts of Ruin

    Imagine a world where advanced technology allows players to actually feel the games they are playing... But a rogue program emerges to turn this new paradise into an inescapable nightmare.

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  • Fresh Greek Animation

    An anthology of Greek animated shorts financed by the Greek Ministry of Culture through a special funding to counteract the impact of Covid-19 on animation production.

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  • Nessia Short Story 1. Anna

    Nessia City and its two suns are calling you! Will you witness the tragic fate that awaits the inhabitants? An unforgettable journey is in store for you.

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