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Zoom Annecy 2016

Affiche Annecy 2016
  1. GOBELINS Students...
  2. Ani-maniacs!
  3. Honorary Cristal...
  4. Mifa & Variety...
  5. An Illustration of France
  6. French Animation
  7. Another look at...
  8. Animation in Advertising
  9. Friendship France-Korea


This year’s topics, poster, Honorary Cristal, GOBELINS’ trailers, what’s new… this page gives you the lowdown on the Festival and Market in 2016.

GOBELINS Students Pay Tribute to France

Like every year, the animators in training at GOBELINS, l’école de l’image have created opening sequences which will be shown before Festival screenings. This year, they chose to make their very short shorts on the theme of French animation. Each day, there will be a new opening sequence to discover either in the theatres or on Annecy Live!

Starting 13th June, you’ll be able to check out the films made by five groups of six students, mixing France’s art and history from the Middle Ages, to the 1950s and even the events in May 1968.


This year, it was the Caribara studio’s turn to create the Annecy Festival’s official trailer:
"There’s nothing better than paying back such confidence than with an original piece of work. A madcap race between "ani-maniacs" played out on Annecy’s glorious lake seemed fitting.
And they’re riding on none other than the Magic Lantern, the Praxinoscope and even the iconic light table…
At the finish, in random order, a triple homage to the Festival, animation, rabbits and paper planes (damn it! that makes 4).

In fact, it’s a trailer with many references that are just waiting to be discovered!

Caribara was created in 1998 by Fabien Baboz and Régis Vidal, and is now a reference in film and TV for technical and artistic services. As part of the ToonAlliance of animation professionals with ETS, TouTenKartoon and Waooh !, the group has offices in Paris, Angoulême, Montreal, Liège and at Les Papeteries – Image Factory in Annecy.

From a simple service carried out locally to a complete project spread across several countries, Caribara works with producers in creation, consultancy and coproduction.

"So yeehaw… let’s get this party started! 3, 2, 1…"

And the Honorary Cristal Goes to… Didier Brunner

This year, the Annecy Festival has chosen to present Didier Brunner with the Honorary Cristal. Founder of Les Armateurs production studio and currently at the helm of Folivari, he’s known for producing poetic animation sensations.

After studying Theatre at the Sorbonne in Paris, he started working in film as a director’s assistant, then as a director. He then created the Trans Europe Film company, where he produced the series Des Chats amongst others. In 1994, he founded Les Armateurs, the production studio that would give life to some unforgettable French animation films.

In 1999, his production Kirikou and the Sorceress won over the hearts of the crowd and the critics, and took home the Grand Prix for an Animated Feature at the Annecy Festival. Films produced by Les Armateurs were frequently found in our Official Selection. In 2013, the year after Ernest & Celestine mesmerized festivalgoers, Didier Brunner was back here again as a jury member.

Since France is in the spotlight this year, it seems fitting to pay tribute to this French producer and Festival regular for his accomplishments throughout his career.

Mifa & Variety’s Animation Personality of the Year Award

The Mifa & Variety’s Animation Personality of the Year Award will be given to Peter Lord and David Sproxton, the founders of the British studio known for its witty humour, Aardman Animations. Destined to honour personalities who have contributed to the animation industry’s evolution, it will award this dynamic duo for their productions and wild imaginations that have marked the animated art form.

Created in 1972, Aardman Animations has brought animation stars to life, like the goofy clay characters Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep, and those from Flushed Away and Chicken Run.

They’ve received many awards in the past, including an Oscar in 2005 for Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and the Annecy Festival Audience Award in 1993 for their short Adam.

Known for their artisanal craftsmanship that revolutionized the animation world, David Sproxton and Peter Lord will also be giving a keynote speech at the Festival.

An Illustration of France, by Michèle Lemieux

Michèle Lemieux, a prominent French-Canadian illustrator and filmmaker, was entrusted to create the 2016 Annecy Festival poster and has chosen to highlight the theme of French animation as a way of demonstrating her fondness for this country.

"France is in the spotlight at Annecy 2016, and I feel very privileged to have been asked to create the Festival poster. For this country that I love, I wanted to give a happy and timeless image, representing its perpetual movement.

Annecy 2016

For me, the magic of animation is expressed in the thousands of drawings known as intervals, which are barely noticeable to the viewer but provide a daily task for those working in the industry. These intervals are the ingredients for movement and the raw material for every conceivable transformation, from subtle gestures to visual prowess. Thanks to these drawings, life appears and comes into the world through the microscope of time in which we find ourselves when making an animated film.

I wanted to portray this with two characters, a man and a woman, who represent two key drawings that are connected by a series of transparent intervals, referring to their furtive appearance, but also to the symbol of the bond established between human beings."

Take a look at the poster

Jessica Charbonneau from TagTeam Studio created the signature for the poster.

French Animation in the Spotlight for the First Time

The Annecy Festival has decided to pay tribute to the diverse, vital and ambitious qualities of French animation in 2016, but through the eyes of the rest of the world!

Programme planners from the USA, Japan, Slovenia, Austria and Canada have been invited to share their vision of French animation. Taking on the roles of mirrors and prisms, they will offer you a fragmented and colourful kaleidoscopic image of animated filmmaking in France.

See you in June to discover French Animation: The Mirror Effect, twelve programmes revealing how French animation is seen abroad.

Read the press release

Another look at the French Cinema

In step with the theme of French animation, a partnership has been set up between the Ina (National Audiovisual Institute) and the Festival, in collaboration with the SPFA (Syndicate for Animation Film Producers).

Around twenty videos related to French animation (reports, Paul Grimault interviews, etc.) will be put on the Ina’s website and the Festival’s YouTube channel, Annecyfestival:
The pioneers - Another look at the French Cinema
The major French animation directors - Another look at the French Cinema
Le Festival d'Annecy - Another look at the French Cinema

Over thirty shorts will also be available online for Ina Premium subscribers.

Check out some videos from the Ina’s archives about Jean Chapolin, Émile Cohl, Sylvain Chomet and Michel Ocelot.

Jean Chalopin en direct de La Gaité lyrique (in french only)

Emile Cohl, l'inventeur du dessin animé
(in french only)

Cartoon d'or à Sylvain Chomet pour son film "La vieille dame et les pigeons"
(in french only)

Michel Ocelot au festival du film d'animation d'Annecy
(in french only)

A second partnership has been established with Qwazar, the production studio behind Romain Delerps and Alexandre Hilaire’s three-part documentary series (directed by Alexandre Hilaire), Le Cinéma d’animation en France.

The three themes that are explored provide an overview of animation in France: The first is dedicated to filmmakers who followed in the footsteps of Paul Grimault that have influenced recent productions; the second tells the stories of French animation studios and schools; The final chapter is about high-tech functions and new trends in film.

The documentary series will be shown during the Annecy Festival and on the Ciné+ Famiz channel.

Download the press kit (in French only)

Check out all the extracts dedicated to French animation on our social networks via #animadeInFrance!

When Animation Gatecrashes Advertising!

Annecy 2016 is presenting an overview of some particularly creative advertising filmmakers and production studios.

A series of programmes on the topic of Advertising in Animation will take you into a world where the technique, aesthetics and concept are governed by the product.

In the end, how much leeway does a creative have in this commercial-based world? A special programme to discover in June and find out a few responses to the above question.

130 Years of Friendship Between France and Korea Celebrated in Animation

On June 4th 1886, France and Korea signed a treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation, establishing the first diplomatic relations between the two countries. The Year France-Korea 2015-2016 event has accordingly been organized as a symbol of this 130-year long relationship.

Cultural events in museums, theatres, concert halls and public spaces will be taking place in France and Korea throughout the year, to represent both classic and innovating art forms.

The Annecy Festival has decided to present a series of programmes devoted to Korean animation, as part of this special France-Korea celebration.

Read the press release

Event organised as part of Année France-Corée 2015-2016 / www.anneefrancecoree.com

France Corée