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A "Happy End" for Annecy 2013!

15th June 2013

As the curtain comes down on the Festival and Mifa, after welcoming 7,100 delegates, one thing is clear: Annecy 2013 kept to Marcel Jean’s promise of shaking up a few habits!

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2013 Key Moments

4th June 2013

Monsters University; Despicable Me 2; Oggy and the Cockroaches, the Movie; Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return; Aya de Yopougon... They’re all coming to Annecy!

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2013 Press kit

23rd April 2013, update 6th June

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Annecy is giving a Special Cristal Award to Jerzy Kucia, a master of Polish animation

16th April 2013

This Special Cristal Award highlights the importance of his masterful contribution and celebrates his commitment as the representative of Poland in the Asifa (International Animated Film Association) for many years

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Cartoon Network Studios join the "+ de courts !" competition

22nd March 2013

Annecy 2013 and Dailymotion are pleased to announce the participation of Cartoon Network Studios in the "+ de courts !" competition.

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2013: focusing on discovery and entertainment

18th February 2013

The Festival’s Artistic Director Marcel Jean has given us a few more details about the upcoming Festival, with the promise of a rich and eclectic programme touching on some little known spheres of the industry.

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Marcel Jean, the new Artistic Director, reveals some preliminary guidelines for 2013

24th January 2013

Annecy 2013 will be displaying signs of change, headed up by a new Artistic Director and with screenings held in different locations due to the work being carried out at Bonlieu. This year’s Festival has already started for Marcel Jean, who is confidently taking up the challenge.

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Dailymotion and the Annecy International Animation Film Festival are launching the competition "+ de courts"

20th December 2012

The competition "Feet in the lake, head in the movies" will be o and running the 20th December. Palettes, scissors and ordinators at the ready!

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Annecy, the animation spirit Creatives, designers, illustrators: pencils, scissors and tablets to the ready!

19th October 2012

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival is launching a Call for Projects to create its visual for 2013.

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