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Paramount Global Kids and Family

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Come and discover the projects and programs sought by Paramount Global Kids and Family.

What is your editorial strategy?

With the rapidly changing media landscape / proliferation of new platforms – we are focused on making sure content is available everywhere kids are. The way in which kids discover and engage with our content has changed drastically, representing a great opportunity for us and we’re working hard make that we are where kids are. We are seeing more than ever that Kids are multiplatform consumers of content – they move back and forth between screens seamlessly, taking multi-tasking to new heights. They expect more than just what’s presented to them on the television screen. To that end, there is no expression of Nickelodeon on TV that does not have a digital or social play.

We take a 360 approach for every piece of content that we make and develop content that kids can consume on the platform of their choice whether it’s OTT, digital or social platforms.

One example: We are continuing to build the Nick social and YouTube audiences, with new dedicated channels, including the recent launch of Nick Jr. en Español on YouTube.

Another example: Noggin, Nickelodeon’s interactive learning service for preschoolers, and developed by education and child development experts. The interactive service offers an ever-expanding library of books, learning games, activities, exclusive shorts and episodes of preschool favorites like PAW Patrol, Peppa Pig and Blue’s Clues & You! Available internationally in Latin America and Europe.

Nickelodeon breaks down creative geographical barriers to create compelling storytelling formats that can be replicated nearly anywhere. Nickelodeon has made it a priority to work with creative talent from all around the world, significantly evolving our model in recent years. (Example Spyders, Twisted Timeline of Sammy & Raj, Rock Island Mysteries). Currently, our Nickelodeon International division has original series in production or development across every continent worldwide. Already announced and coming soon are projects sourced and made in Australia, India, Israel, South Korea, Singapore, Brazil, Colombia and the U.K.

What type of projects/programs are you looking for?

Nickelodeon constantly looking for new creative ideas and content formats that allow us to tell stories in a different way, ideas that could come from any part of the world. We are always on the look-out for broad comedy, both in the animation and live action space. We are interested in hearing ideas featuring strong and relatable characters. Paramount Kids and Family platforms are home to many beloved and revered kids brands, we want your idea to feel like it would complement our much loved iconic brands.

Animation ideas for 8-10 year olds with smart humour, appealing to a broad audience and that kids can relate to.

Single cam Live Action ideas for 6-12 year olds, grounded in reality but must be equally aspirational Bold and distinctive bridge animation ideas for 4-7 year olds.

For any idea, our biggest priority remains ensuring that everything we house on our platforms fits within Nickelodeon’s perspective of making the world a more playful place.

We are constantly looking for new creative ideas and content formats that allow us to tell stories in a different way, ideas that could come from any part of the world.

We look for diverse characters with diverse stories:

- Now more than ever, it’s important to have content that celebrates families, parents and kids lives and experiences.

- Reflecting and showcasing a variety of different family types, as well as authentic and diverse characters has always been important to us but really continues to stay top of mind.

- We’re always working to make sure we’re mirroring our audiences’ worlds and experiences authentically.

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    Christopher ROSE

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