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  • Ascenders


    Directed by: Jonathan ASTRUC

    Country: France

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  • Chlopi


    Directed by: Dorota KOBIELA

    Country: Poland, Serbia, Lithuania

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  • Fena: Pirate Princess

    Fena: Pirate Princess

    Directed by: Kazuto NAKAZAWA

    Country: USA, Japan

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  • Immersion, Nature augmentée

    Immersion, Nature augmentée

    Directed by: Éric SERRE, Anne-Lise KOEHLER

    Country: France

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  • La Sirène

    La Sirène

    Directed by: Sepideh FARSI

    Country: France, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium

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  • Le Petit Nicolas

    Le Petit Nicolas

    Directed by: Benjamin MASSOUBRE, Amandine FREDON

    Country: France, Luxembourg

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  • Mars Express

    Mars Express

    Directed by: Jérémie PÉRIN

    Country: France

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  • Maya and the Three

    Maya and the Three

    Directed by: Jorge R. GUTIERREZ

    Country: USA

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  • Nayola


    Directed by: José Miguel RIBEIRO

    Country: Portugal, Belgium, France, Netherlands

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  • Perlimps


    Directed by: Alê ABREU

    Country: Brazil

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  • Princesse Dragon

    Princesse Dragon

    Directed by: Anthony ROUX, Jean-Jacques DENIS

    Country: France

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  • Robin Robin

    Robin Robin

    Directed by: Dan OJARI, Mikey PLEASE

    Country: United Kingdom, USA

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  • Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles

    Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles

    Directed by: Khang LE

    Country: USA, France

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  • Saules aveugles, femme endormie

    Saules aveugles, femme endormie

    Directed by: Pierre FOLDES

    Country: France, Canada, Netherlands, Luxembourg

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  • The House

    The House

    Directed by: Emma DE SWAEF, Marc James ROELS, Niki LINDROTH VON BAHR, Paloma BAEZA

    Country: United Kingdom, USA

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  • Unicorn Wars

    Unicorn Wars

    Directed by: Alberto VÁZQUEZ

    Country: Spain, France

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