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 Programme 2021

  • Through the Eye of The Animator

    From the beginnings of computer animation to what is currently being done, this talk will explore how style in animation has evolved and what is really at the core of many CG animation styles.

    Friday 18 June 16:00 → 17:15 - annecy.org

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  • Adapting Your Skills to Changes in the Industry

    Alumni from the School of Visual Arts in New York City discuss how to continue learning and growing to meet the changes in the animation industry.

    Friday 18 June 17:00 → 18:15 - annecy.org

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  • Animate to Communicate – Approaches for Making Better Animation

    Takeshi Inamura, a former Studio Ghibli animator who is now a top animator at Studio Ponoc, will teach you the key essence for creating an effective animation.

    Friday 18 June 11:00 → 12:15 - annecy.org

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  • Bikini Bottom Biographies: A Deep Dive into the History and Evolution of SpongeBob

    Ahoy, all lovers of nautical nonsense! For over 20 years, SpongeBob SquarePants has been making kids and adults alike laugh, cheer, and fall in love with the underwater world of Bikini Bottom.

    Friday 18 June 17:30 → 18:45 - annecy.org

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  • Carried Away: Disney Animation's Approach to Story

    Join Carrie Liao, Story Artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios, as she shares her experience in storytelling on Raya and the Last Dragon.

    Friday 18 June 16:30 → 17:45 - annecy.org

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  • How To Make Your Portfolio Stand Out: A Virtual Coffee with Walt Disney Animation Studios

    Join three Walt Disney Animation Studios' artists and their artistic recruiters for a coffee chat and Q&A.

    Friday 18 June 18:00 → 19:15 - annecy.org

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  • In Conversation with the Mifa Campus 2021 Patron: Marguerite Abouet and her Guests

    Marguerite Abouet and her guests will tell us about their artistic and professional careers in animation, evoke their ties with Africa and share their thoughts, convictions and advice on how to progress in the animation industry.

    Friday 18 June 09:00 → 10:00 - annecy.org

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  • Creating Award-winning Animation in Unity: The Path to Oscars® Qualification

    The short film WiNDUP has earned critical acclaim and Official Selections in Oscar-qualifying festivals. Unlike typical processes used for animated films, WiNDUP was created using real-time production.

    Friday 18 June 11:30 → 12:45 - annecy.org

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  • Discussion with N'Goné Fall and William Kentridge: Thinking in Time

    N'Goné Fall, general commissioner of the Africa2020 Season in France, and William Kentridge, one of the world’s most important contemporary visual artists, as well as a theater and opera director, will discuss African animation, being celebrated this year in Annecy, and will share their vision and thoughts.

    Friday 18 June 13:30 → 14:30 - annecy.org

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  • Paris-Lyon-Singapore invite Sydney

    The PLS project promotes cultural diversity and international cooperation, showing the know-how of animation students in very different countries, and the enthusiasm to work on a common project.

    Friday 18 June 09:30 → 10:45 - annecy.org

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  • Presentation of the Fonds d'Aide à l'Innovation Audiovisuelle (CNC)

    Attend a presentation by Louis Bonneau and Nicolas Deveaux about support funds specifically for animation projects.

    Friday 18 June 13:00 → 14:15 - annecy.org

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  • What Support Funds are Available at the CNC for Emerging Animation Authors?

    This contribution will be dedicated to the different support funds that the CNC offer animation authors who are just starting out.

    Friday 18 June 15:30 → 16:45 - annecy.org

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  • Zoom in on My First Contract

    At this session, benefit from essential tips for young authors.

    Friday 18 June 10:30 → 11:45 - annecy.org

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