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 Programme 2021

  • Aquarium: The Nodal, Connected and Cross-production Solution

    Discover Aquarium Studio and all their latest features! The 100% nodal, cross-production and totally flexible management tool: adapt the tool to your needs.

    Wednesday 16 June 16:00 → 17:00 - annecy.org

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  • Archipel: Promote and Sell Your Content from Line-up to Library

    Demo of two marketplaces: Archipel Market (Line-up promotion), and Archipel Content (Library sales).

    Tuesday 15 June 11:00 → 11:30 - annecy.org

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  • Powerful Animation Creation with Unity’s Newest Tools for Filmmakers

    Unity brings real-time workflows to animation creators, speeds up traditional pipelines, and gives artists, producers, and directors greater creative freedom, faster feedback, and boundless iteration.

    Monday 14 June 14:30 → 15:30 - annecy.org

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  • Next Lab: Disruptive Technologies in the Animation Industry

    Next Lab is an initiative that connects art and technology in the industry of animation and digital content. We work to improve the audiovisual sector through new disruptive technologies.

    Wednesday 16 June 11:00 → 12:00 - annecy.org

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  • Wacom Live Session: Making "Troll Girl" – A South African Short by GiantSlayer Studios and Triggerfish

    A panel on the making of South African 2D short "Troll Girl", from crew, to funding, to exploring the Blender Grease Pencil.

    Tuesday 15 June 14:00 → 15:00 - annecy.org

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  • Xencelabs: Digital Design Tools for Creatives, by Creatives

    Come experience the creative workflow of industry-leading 2D and 3D artists.

    Thursday 17 June 16:00 → 17:00 - annecy.org

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