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Best of Fupitoons Festival – A Tribute to Animation from the African Continent

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Africa’s biggest animation short film festival takes a pit-stop at Annecy!

Launched in 2017 by the African Animation Network, FUPiTOONS FESTiVAL is the first "Made in Africa" animation short film festival aimed at audiences in the 2 to 12-year-old age group.

Each year, the best African short films are brought together in a programme lasting more than an hour to celebrate the continent’s animation excellence, and to develop an audience for African animated content.

Therefore, the festival starts in parallel with the DISCOP Johannesburg before embarking on a Pan-African tour doing us the great honour of stopping at Annecy for our 2021 edition!


  • Hatch

    South Africa - Wendy SPINKS

  • Farah's Song

    Egypt - Mokhtar TALLAT

  • Surprise: A Christmas Story

    Nigeria - Chimezie NWAGBO

  • Hadidance

    South Africa - Luke VILJOEN

  • Tinsel Township Christmas Tale

    South Africa - Marion WILSON

  • Majitu

    Kenya - Mark KINUTHIA

  • Garbage Boy and Trash Can

    Nigeria - Ridwan MOSHOOD

  • Intergalactic Ice-Cream

    South Africa - Andrew PHILLIPS

  • Especial: Um Presente

    Mozambique - Nildo ESAE

  • The Legend of Bababongo

    Ghana - Kwame Selorm DOGOE

  • Letter to Dyslexia

    Kenya - Francis VERON

  • A Kalabandaa Ate My Homework

    Uganda - Raymond MALINGA

  • Orisha's Journey

    USA - Abdul NDADI

  • Decaf

    South Africa - Christopher MASUABI, Moegamad ADAMS

  • A Little Bird Told Me the ABC

    South Africa - Diek GROBLER

  • Kitwana's Journey

    Kenya - Ng'endo MUKII

  • Taavi

    South Africa - Hantie PISTORIUS, Zahvick HEMAN

  • Boxed! - Episode 3

    Nigeria - Damilola SOLESI

  • Super Sema

    Kenya - Vanessa FORD

  • Mike and Rob

    South Africa - Nicolas ROSTAN