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2019 Team

Equipe 2019


Mickaël Marin (CEO), Marcel Jean (Artistic Director), Sophie Garnier (General Secretary), Laure Baudillon (Management Assistant, Jury Secretaries), Raphaêl Cahuzac (Management Assistant)

Administration – Finance

Martine Jamme (Accountant)


Alexia Vendetti (Head of Hospitality), Miila Norros (Hospitality Assistant), Florent Signifredi (Hospitality Department Coordinator), Véronique Combe (Manager for Volunteers,
Trainees & Temporary Workers)

Films & Programme Planning

Laurent Million (Head of Films & Programme Planning), Yves Nougarède (Films & Programme Planning Manager), Sébastien Sperer (Films & Programme Planning Manager)


Véronique Encrenaz (Head of Mifa), Frécilia Zambaux (Mifa Project Manager), Marion Provenzano (Mifa Assistant), Géraldine Baché (Head of Education & Projects Mifa), Charline Thénot (Mifa & Education Assistant), Elsa Tournier (Mifa Department), André Lee Seung-wook (Representative for South Korea), Akira Yamaguchi (Representative for Japan), Anand Gurnani (Representative for India & South East Asia), Heather Kenyon (Representative for USA), Chloé Rui Guo (Representative for China)

Economic Development

Yannick Heude (Head of Economic Development), Julie Rosseel (Economic Development Assistant), Cédric Soufflet (Logistical and Technical Support Officer)

Professional Meetings

Arnaud Miquel (Head of Professional Meetings), Marine Lamblin (Professional Meetings
Project Manager)

Private Partnerships

Cindy Bazaugour (Head of Private Partnerships)

Media Relations

Laurence Ythier (Head of Media Relations)


Judith Cristofaro (Head of Communication), Laëtitia Socquet (Communication
& Media Partners Project Manager), Déborah Forsans (Communication Assistant), Julie Triano (Communication & Marketing Assistant), Marion Golliet (Web Project Manager), Alexandra Farcy (Webmaster), Sophie Matter (Picture Editor), Maryse Berger (Head of Projects, DTP), Hélène Giraud (Graphic Designer)


Martine Souliman (Head of Publications), Nathalie Guillaumond (Publications Manager,
Proofreader, Translator)

Information Systems

Jérémy Clerc (Head of Information Systems), Thomas Détharré (Systems & Network Administrator), Cédric Cuz (Developer Webmaster), Sébastien Pattier (Developer), Thomas Hiron (Multimedia Designer), Guillaume Lagouy (Web & Mobile Designer/Developer)


Romain Courtine (Head of Logistics)

They joined us

Pauline Darles and Julie Jacottin (Reception Hostesses), Vincent Chapalain and Émilie Bonenfant (Protocol), Fabrice Combet (Parties Protocol), Camille Caretti (Annecy 2019 Accounting Department), Tanguy Ferreira (Hospitality Department), Chloé Moreno and Justine Simonet (Accreditation Annecy 2019), Ingrid Gallay, Perrine Gumez and Clara Bosch (Annecy 2019 Ticket Office), Karine Rey and Émilie Selvo (Welcome Area and Access Control Teams’ Coordinator), Géraldine Broquin and Clémence Pun (Mifa Access Control Assistant Coordinator), Raphaël Alley, Léonard Boissier, Sigrid Coggins, Lara Dahan, Charles Ducruix, Maele Grusson, Marie-Laurence Lupo, Aurélie Raphet (Theater Coordination), Coline Creton, Lena Creton, Émilie Modzryck (Info Points), Violaine Cormy (Mifa Department), Pauline Launoy (Mifa Logistics Coordination Assistant), Paul Crubellier (Mifa Video Library), Mathilde Guilbert (Economic Development Department), Valentine Bottaro (Professional Meetings Department), Clémence Deperraz (Private Partnerships Trainee), Gabin Fontaine (Media Relations Assistant), Méliné Gaucher (Media Relations Department), Éléna Gayot (Communication & Media Partners), Marion Pont (Web Editor Assistant), Charlotte Lamblin (Junior Community Manager), Marjolaine Durieux, Louise Bouvier and Hugo Milcent (Communication Department), Laurine Peyrard (Graphic Design Project Manager), Ophélie Miege-Goubel and Barbara Stortz (Graphic Designer), Laura Zorloni (Proofreader, Translator), Catherine Desmurs (Translator), Marie Raulier (Publications Department), Sabri Belmahdi (Information Systems Department), Romain Pellet (Logistics Assistant), Pierre Bué (Logistics Department)


Gwendoline Almeida (Mifa Hospitality), Aurélie Grospiron (Hostess and Secretary-
Referent for the Film Crews), Gala Frecon and Alice de Montalivet (Hostesses and Secretaries for the Film Crews), Atelier Claire Carreau (Graphic Design), Full Story (Web Design, Motion Design, Videos), Charlotte Gastaut (Poster Designer), Sheila Adrian, Bernard Reeves and Darin Reisman (Translators, Interpreters), Dan Arama (Bonlieu Stage Manager), Nicolas Varrot (Mifa Stage Manager), Clémence Bragard and Aurore Fossard-De Almeida (Presenters), Véronique Dumon (Press Support), Ophélie Surelle (Mifa Press Support), Didier Sarda (Alpes Logistique Transports), Romain Donzel Gonnet and Marie Youssofi (Annecy 2019 Transfers), Audrey McGinley, Pierre-Ludovic Viollat, Danie Amyotte, Alice Raffin Avila (Jury Secretaries), Graziella Goy and Gérard Humbert (Festival Announcers)


Not forgetting all the volunteers and temporary workers who joined the Annecy 2019 team.