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Giant Playmobil on the Pâquier

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Two XXL figures are taking over the Pâquier!

Rediscover your childhood toys as you have never imagined them before!

Taking the spotlight at the Annecy Festival opening ceremony with a premiere screening of the feature film Playmobil: The Movie, you will also be witness to 7-metre-high inflatable effigies of two of the film's characters – Del and Robotitron – on the Pâquier.

Keep your eyes peeled when you leave the Pâquier since other characters from the film, human size in this case, might very well be hiding here and there around town. If you run into Del or Rex Dasher on the streets of Annecy, take the time to share your selfies using the tag #FindThePlaymobil!

Toy figures that are larger than life watching over you throughout the Festival week!