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Midnight Specials: WTF2019

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Hear ye, hear ye, the time has come for laughs and the WTF2019. On the WTF isle, every day is WTF. A warm round of applause – thanks!

Form and content, these are the main ingredients of the short films in the WTF2019 programme. Just add a pinch of humour, a spurt of political criticism, a drop of dreamy tales and a snippet of gratuitous malice for a blend that’ll leave you dumbstruck. Unless perhaps you slipped into the wrong room, in which case do not call 911 because no one can help you.

No matter if the films are animated or inanimate, 2D or 3D, when you leave the WTF2019 session, you’ll feel a changed person... or else not.

Still a few doubts remaining? To get to the bottom of the matter, figure it out for yourself by attending one of the three events scheduled this year for this adult-oriented programme, offbeat in form and content, just like it says at the start of this blurb.

For all complaints, please contact your general practitioner.

"Love the difference, love WTF2019!" Charles Baudelaire, Les Fleurs du mal (Flowers of Evil, 1857)

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Presented by

  • Sébastien SPERER
    Sébastien SPERER

  • Clémence BRAGARD
    Clémence BRAGARD


  • We Are Future Shock

    United Kingdom - Zohar DVIR

  • Boilermaker

    Estonia - Risto KÜTT

  • Lust of Hunt

    Latvia - Monta ANDZEJEVSKA

  • Orpheus

    Estonia - Priit TENDER

  • Développement personnel

    France - Rémy PETIT

  • Gokiburi Taisou

    USA - Sawako KABUKI

  • Nudge

    United Kingdom - Ben COUZENS

  • Wild Love

    France - Paul AUTRIC, Quentin CAMUS, Léa GEORGES, Maryka LAUDET, Zoé SOTTIAUX, Corentin YVERGNIAUX

  • Baby Baby

    Australia - Nikhil MARKALE, Aggelos PAPANTONIOU

  • Ça mouille !

    France - Nan HUANG, Alexis GODARD

  • Protocorba

    Russia - Kirill KHACHATUROV

  • Pink Phantom


  • Dog-Eat-Dog

    Brazil - Arnaldo GALVÃO

  • Virgin wind

    Russia - Aleksandr SVIRSKII

  • Tom Has a Plant

    Denmark - Thinh Duc NGUYEN

  • I Have Problems

    Hungary - Zsuzsanna DEBRECZENI

  • GoodLuckYonpey

    Japan - Shota SHIMIZU