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Les Mémoires de Don Quichotte

Annecy Classics: Preserve then Show

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Long forgotten, restored, or recently released works … the CNC offers us a delightful taste of the masterpieces found within its archives.

During a rare showing to celebrate 50 years of preserving and showcasing France’s cinematographic heritage, the CNC takes us on a journey to discover precious and rare animated films from both past and present.

Enjoy a selection of either long-lost or never-before-seen works such as The Machine Men (René Laloux, 1978) and Don Quixote’s Memoirs (Robert Lapoujade, 1978-80), as well as restored classics that include The Chimney Thief (Paul Grimault, 1944), Sleeping Beauty (Alexandre Alexeieff, 1935), Minotaur’s Ball (Lorenzo Recio, 1998), and a few rare foreign films.This is also great opportunity to enjoy a rebirth of Alexeieff-Parker’s famous pinscreen animation.

With Annecy Classics, the Festival pays tribute to timeless shorts and features to remind us of the great moments in the history of animation. It highlights avant-garde techniques, the journey of brilliant directors, and celebrates key events. Take a break and rediscover the great animated classics!

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  • Les Archives du film

    France -

  • La Belle au bois dormant

    France - Alexandre ALEXEIEFF

  • Pansées sauvages : Animation sur écran d'épingles Alexeieff/Parker du CNC

    France - Cerise LOPEZ

  • Les Hommes machines

    France - René LALOUX

  • Phenakistoscope

    Japan - Taku FURUKAWA

  • Autour d'une cabine (d'après Emile Reynaud)

    France - Julien PAPPE

  • Les Mémoires de Don Quichotte

    France - Robert LAPOUJADE

  • Le chien : Animation sur écran d'épingles Alexeieff/Parker du CNC

    France - Pierre-Luc GRANJON

  • Aux Gémeaux avec Paul Grimault et son équipe

    France -

  • Le Voleur de paratonnerres

    France - Paul GRIMAULT

  • Pica-don

    Japan - Renzo KINOSHITA

  • Carigraphity

    Japan - Taku FURUKAWA

  • Le bal du minotaure

    France - Lorenzo RECIO

  • Tabi wa Michizure Yo wa Nasake

    Japan - Tadanari OKAMOTO

  • Au-delà du temps

    France - Peter FÖLDES

  • 44, passage des oiseaux : Animation sur écran d'épingles Alexeieff/Parker du CNC

    France - Florence MIAILHE