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Wakaranai buta

Tribute to Japanese Animation: Atsushi Wada

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Focus on a uniquely perceptive director

Stimulating the five senses and transcending the limits of human perception, Atsushi Wada creates more than just animated stories, he makes viewers feel movement, emotion, and jolts to their subconscious. Through minimalist works derived from Noh theater, and based on music and dance, the director unveils a poetic look at human relationships. He uses only what is essential, nothing superfluous, and nothing extra.

Bearing witness to his unique insight are two world-renowned short films. The first, In a Pig’s Eye, won the Excellence Prize at the Japan Media Arts Festival. The second, The Great Rabbit, won the Silver Bear award at the Berlin International Film Festival. Two creative works among so many others to immerse yourself in the gentle world of Atsushi Wada’s.

"If I had to name one country with a true culture of animation, it would definitely be Japan." A seemingly obvious declaration made by French director Georges Lacroix in 1999, the year when the Annecy Festival celebrated Japanese animation for the very first time. Twenty years later the Festival pays homage to this truly singular cinematographic style through both a retrospective and a look to the future to reveal several hidden gems still relatively unknown in the West.

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  • A Clerck in Charge

    Japan - Atsushi WADA

  • Day of Nose

    Japan - Atsushi WADA

  • A Manipuated Man

    Japan - Atsushi WADA

  • Well, That's Glasses

    Japan - Atsushi WADA

  • Wakaranai buta

    Japan - Atsushi WADA

  • Haru no Shikumi

    Japan - Atsushi WADA

  • The Great Rabbit

    France, Japan - Atsushi WADA

  • Anomalies

    Japan, United Kingdom - Atsushi WADA

  • Autumn from Vivaldi "The Four Seasons"

    Japan - Atsushi WADA

  • Commissioned Works

    Japan - Atsushi WADA