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Tribute to Japanese Animation: Treasures from Early Japanese Animation (1917-1946)

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A selection of cherished and ambitious archives on a trip back to the past.

In partnership with the National Film Archive of Japan and Shochiku.

The ambitious creative works of Japan’s next generation of directors are not the only hidden gems in Japanese animation little known in the West. The early years of this now world-renowned cinematographic style overflows with inventive and brilliant treasures to view and enjoy as soon as possible.

Covering the decades from 1917 to 1946, this screening offers a carefully-chosen selection of exceptional archives, starting with the first film made by Jun’ichi Kouchi, The Dull Sword (1917), created using cutout silhouettes. This technique was also used by his disciple, Noburo Ofuji, and then by Shigeji Ogino, Yasuji Murata, all the way to Kenzô Masaoka, the first Japanese director to truly adopt cel animation technique.

Don’t miss this enlightening screening!

"If I had to name one country with a true culture of animation, it would definitely be Japan." A seemingly obvious declaration made by French director Georges Lacroix in 1999, the year when the Annecy Festival celebrated Japanese animation for the very first time. Twenty years later the Festival pays homage to this truly singular cinematographic style through both a retrospective and a look to the future to reveal several hidden gems still relatively unknown in the West.

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  • The Dull Sword

    Japan - Jun.ichi KOUCHI

  • The Strory of Tobacco

    Japan - Noburo OFUJI

  • Haru no uta

    Japan - Noburo OFUJI

  • Manga Kobutori

    Japan - Yasuji MURATA

  • Nonsense Story; Vol.1: The Monkey Island

    Japan - Kenzo MASAOKA

  • Propagate

    Japan - Shigeji OGINO

  • Ari-chan

    Japan - Mitsuyo SEO

  • Fuku-chan kishu

    Japan - Kenzo MASAOKA

  • The Spider's Thread

    Japan - Noburo OFUJI