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Cinematic Sound Effects – POW! Boom! Bbbrrrrrring!

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Work on the sound effects for an episode in the series Funny Little Bugs!

Because the magic of animation comes not only from moving images, but also from sound, France Televisions, the Festival’s official partner, offers you the chance to take part in a sound creation workshop to play sound effects technician for the day.

Using voice sound effects, you will be asked to create the sound universe for an episode in the series Funny Little Bugs, with instruction from Fédéric Miguel (screenwriter, composer, and sound designer) and Yann Chapelet (composer and sound designer).

What a great opportunity to venture behind the scenes of this truly unique profession and loan your voice to Betty Bee or Bartley Bumblebee.

This free workshop, from 7 years old, is limited to 25 participants. Register by calling La Turbine at +33 (0)4 50 67 12 85.

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