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Hello World!

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View the animal world in a whole new light!

This will not be the first Annecy Festival for Anne-Lise Koehler and Eric Serre… After winning a Cristal in 2015 for Hello World!, a TV series about wildlife using paper animals, and then a Work in Progress presentation last year, the two directors will be in Annecy in 2019 to show us their latest feature-film adaptation of Hello World!


A wonderful movie about the great outdoors! How is a bird, fish, or mammal born? The paper sculptures in Hello World! create a wildlife show like no other. Each animal, with its experience, passions, and personality offers us a different, funny, and poetic view of the world.

A must-see film to change the way we look at the natural world that surrounds us.


  • Anne-Lise KOEHLER
    Anne-Lise KOEHLER


  • Éric SERRE
    Éric SERRE


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