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  1. Overview
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Kyōgen Stage, Eye Examination Room, Sushi Bar Counter. Two people come face to face in each of these spaces. Each pair keeps their distance from each other and experience fearful, tender and comfortable feelings that fascinate them.

The film

  • Film identity

    Original title: Maku

    Directed by: Yoriko MIZUSHIRI

    Country: Japan

    Year of production: 2014

    Running time: 05 min 26 s

  • Technique

    Category: Short film

    Techniques used: drawing on paper

    Version: Sans dialogue ni commentaire

    Process: Colour

    Target public: Teens, Adults, Young adults

  • Credits

    Directed by: Yoriko MIZUSHIRI

    Production: Yoriko MIZUSHIRI

    Distribution: CARTE BLANCHE, Yoko YAMAMOTO

    Music: Shuta Hasunuma