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The Best "Off" French VR

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Deceive your senses by testing virtual reality!

The Festival is putting virtual reality in the spotlight in this programme made up of five works. The imagination of creators knows no boundaries thanks to this technology, and users can naturally and intuitively interact and evolve as they see fit in different situations.

Prior to the Festival, you will thus be able to take part in an stereoscopic experience in Zombillénium, We Hire for Eternity! and Gaël Faure – Siffler, dive into three-dimensional space in I Saw the Future, enter the heart of an artist's work in Las Meninas by Diego Velázquez, and you will be overwhelmed by a change of weather in a world in ruins in Planet ∞!

What an incredible programme!

Allow yourself to be tempted with VR and make the most of these free sessions on Sunday in order to take part in an unforgettable experience!