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Zombie Walk

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Come and join the horde of living dead and invade Annecy during the Zombie Walk!

To celebrate the selection of the feature film Zombillenium in competition, a big masquerade has been planned in downtown Annecy.

Come join them on Thursday 15th June at 1 pm in the Jardins de l’Europe (the park behind the Town Hall that looks onto the lake) and get your hair and make-up done like a monster straight out of the Zombillenium amusement park!

At 2:30 pm, all the zombies will make their way through the town centre. They’ll end up at the Librairie 9e Quai & Momie (next to the Courier shopping centre), where Arthur de Pins, the creator and director of Zombillenium, will be waiting for the mob for a signing session.