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An exclusive preview screening of the third instalment of the Disney•Pixar blockbuster, CARS 3!

Directed by Brian Fee (storyboarder for the two previous films in the series) and produced by Kevin Reher (who also produced A Bug’s Life), CARS 3 is a much-awaited release that is set to hit French theatres on 2nd August.

Outperformed by a new generation of super-fast cars, Lightning McQueen finds himself side-lined from the sport he adores. He’s going to have to be ingenious if he wants to get back into the race and prove, in remembrance of Doc Hudson, that number 95 still has its place in the Piston Cup. Luckily, help comes his way through the young and enthusiastic mechanic Cruz Ramirez, who is also dreaming of victory.

Giddy with the global success of his previous adventures, the idolised Lightning McQueen is ready to take you on yet another thrilling escapade.

On this special occasion, just before the screening, the prize for the Disney Art Challenge (this year’s theme was road trips) will be awarded to the winner.