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Annecy + de Festival: Festival Flashback

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Before the 2017 award-winning films are revealed, why not take a (second) look at some past Annecy winners with the Festival Flashback organised by PATHÉ starting on 4th June.

The PATHÉ cinema in Annecy is giving locals the opportunity to sample the atmosphere of the International Animation Film Festival ahead of time with a programme of screenings of previous winning animated features.

2 screenings per evening from Sunday 4th to Friday 9th June:

Sunday 4th June:

Monday 5th June:

Tuesday 6th June:

Wednesday 7th June:

Thursday 8th June:

Friday 9th June:


PATHÉ’s Festival Flashback is a perfect way to take a look back at some of the Festival greats for just 5 euros, while waiting to discover what Annecy 2017 has in store.