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Programme de courts métrages Sacrebleu Productions

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Catch up on 10 years of success at Sacrebleu Productions

Amassing hit after hit, Sacrebleu Productions has the nose for sniffing out animation treasures. With a wide array of prestigious awards under their belt already, the studio just keeps rolling out remarkable films.

In the quaint setting of the Annecy castle’s courtyard, check out some of the shorts that helped Sacrebleu become one of France’s leading production companies.

Set out for Constantinople in 1910 with Barking Island (Palme d’Or Best Short Film at Cannes, 2010), which tells the sad story of what the city did with their stray dogs. Then, take off to Papua New Guinea with Cargo Cult, dropping you in the heart of the Pacific War. Next, get a change of scenery and tone with Rhizome (André-Martin Award for a French Short Film at Annecy 2015), where you can explore the infinitely small and the infinitely big, and then meet a little cut-out boy who manages to tame The White Wolf.

Man on the Chair (Cristal for a Short Film 2014) and A Blue Room will let you revel in a little existential rumination, while Sunday Lunch invites you in for a turbulent episode of family tensions and get carried away with the driver and her erotic daydreams in Tram (Cristal for a Short Film 2012).

An open-air screening that captures a glimpse of what a decade of success looks like, come and get familiar with Sacrebleu Productions and their eclectic shorts.