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La Flûte et le Grelot

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Immerse yourself in traditional Chinese art with "La Flûte et le Grelot", a tribute to the country’s pictorial heritage.

Straight out of the renowned Shanghai Animation Film Studio, The Cowherd’s Flute (1963), directed by Te Wei and Qian Jiajun and Deer Bell (1982), directed by Tang Cheng and Wu Qiang, are what make up La Flûte et le Grelot, which was released in 2011.

Made twenty years apart, these two art films are inscribed in the Shanghai Studio’s approach for stimulating and developing children’s aesthetic and artistic senses by creating films that were directly inspired from traditional Chinese art forms. Made entirely with ink-wash animation, Deer Bell and The Cowherd’s Flute celebrate traditional Chinese painting, which comes to life through animation. A precious skill kept secret by the studio, the ink wash animation technique can bring paintings to life and promote traditional Chinese art.

The result of a commissioned work for the famous Chinese painter Li Keran, The Cowherd’s Flute tells the story of a young cow herder who is searching for his buffalo across mountains and valleys. An ode to the contemplation of nature, this fable faithfully renders China’s artistic culture of the day, just as Deer Bell does in celebrating the work of painter Cheng Shifa in a story of friendship between a child and a fawn.

With very simple narration, these two stunning adaptations owe their success to their incredible visual qualities. Attached to its cultural heritage, Chinese animation quickly stood out from the world model with original films such as these.

Enjoy this poetic screening in the ideal setting of the Annecy Castle’s courtyard.