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Come and see the cinematic adaptation of the famous comic book published by Ankama Editions, Mutafukaz!

The iconic comic book series created in 2008 by Run (aka Guillaume Renard), which released its final chapter in 2015, the film adaptation of Mutafukaz is finally here after five extremely successful comic books as well as a short film that was selected at Sundance.

After a scooter accident provoked by a mysterious woman’s vision, Angelino, a deadbeat like thousands of others in Dark Meat City, starts getting violent migraines that are accompanied by strange hallucinations. Along with his good buddy Vinz, he tries to figure out what’s happening to him while threatening men in black seem determined to catch him.

After a painstaking creative process that took over seven years of back-and-forth between Tokyo, LA and Northern France, the sleazy urban style of Mutafukaz is finally coming to the big screen.

Teamed up with co-director Shojiro Nishimi (Batman: Gotham Knight, Mind Game) and produced by Ankama and the talented STUDIO4°C (Tekkonkinkreet, Mind Game) Guillaume Renard rose to the challenge of transposing the unusual style of his comic books to the screen and the result is sure to attract old fans and create new ones.

This production was already discussed by Anthony Roux, Ankama’s Creative Director and Co-founder, during a Conference at Annecy 2011. You can read the summary here.



  • Direction: Guillaume RENARD, Shojiro NISHIMI
  • Country: France, Japan
  • Production year: 2016
  • Running Time: 1h30
  • Version: French


  • Category: long métrage
  • Technique used: Drawing on paper, 3D Computer
  • Process: Colour
  • Target public: teens, young adults, adults


  • Production: Ankama
  • Screenplay: Run aka Guillaume Renard




Chronicles of the 9th Art

La Pureté de l’enfance by Sylvie-Anne Ménard (Zviane)
Before the screening, discover the short film La Pureté de l’enfance by Zviane and take a trip into the Quebec artist’s childhood memories.

This short is part of Chronicles of the 9th Art, a collection presented by the NFB, CANAL+ and Sacrebleu Productions that pays tribute to the great affinity between two art forms: comic books and animation. Comprised of four shorts that will be screened during "The Art of Storytelling, from Comics to Animation" Masterclass, this collection will give you an appreciation for the style and imagination of renowned creators from France and Quebec; graphic novelists who are trying their hands at filmmaking.



  • Guillaume RENARD
    Guillaume RENARD



  • Mutafukaz

    France, Japan - Guillaume RENARD, Shojiro NISHIMI

  • La Pureté de l'enfance

    Canada - Sylvie-Anne dite Zviane MÉNARD