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The Festival and Beyond!

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  • Aardman presents Wallace & Gromit

    Watch a sample of the greatest classics from the legendary English animation studio, Aardman.

    Sunday 12 June 14:00 → 15:15 - Cinéma Pathé Pathé 1

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  • French Animation: From the Game-Changing 80s up to Today

    A panel discussion, in partnership with the CNC, to shed light on the factors that have contributed to the success of French animation.

    Tuesday 14 June 17:30 → 19:00 - Impérial Palace Verdi

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  • Annecy Pre-Festival: PATHÉ

    Brush up on some animation classics before the Annecy Festival kicks off with screenings at PATHÉ starting 6th June!

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  • Post-Annecy Festival: Award-Winning Film Screenings

    Sunday 19th June, come watch free screenings of award-winning shorts from Annecy 2016.

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  • Live Discussion with Dominique Frot

    Come and join the live discussion with Dominique Frot about her extensive collaboration with Jean-François Laguionie.

    Thursday 16 June 09:30 → 10:30 - Bonlieu BD Fugue

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  • After School – Guillaume Appollinaire

    Thirteen young animators fresh out of school have made short films inspired by the work of Guillaume Appolinaire, one of the foremost poets in the 20th century.

    Sunday 12 June 11:00 - Cinéma Pathé Pathé 1

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  • France Inter Animates Annecy!

    Friday 17th June, France Inter’s three leading radio shows will be recorded in public, live from the Annecy Festival.

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  • La Collection : dessine toujours !

    Get ready for a big dose of liberty and insolence with these ten animated shorts about freedom of speech.

    Sunday 12 June 16:00 - Cinéma Pathé Pathé 1

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  • Shorts in a Shack

    Les Courtisans, a short film association, is installing a little shack called the "Court-Toit" for intimate screening experiences during the Annecy Festival.

    Wednesday 15 June → Friday 17 June, 09:00 → 19:00 - Impérial Palace Mifa

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  • aaa Appointments

    The aaaworkshop (Animation Atelier of Annecy and Haute-Savoie) is back this year with new animated appointments during Festival week.

    Monday 13 June → Saturday 18 June, 10:00 → 18:00 - Cinéma Pathé Hall d'attente

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