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  • A Portrait

    A Portrait

    Directed by: Aristotelis MARAGKOS

    Country: Greece

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  • Alateadvuse maja

    Alateadvuse maja

    Directed by: Priit TENDER

    Country: Estonia

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  • Amélia & Duarte

    Amélia & Duarte

    Directed by: Alice GUIMARÃES, Mónica SANTOS

    Country: Germany, Portugal

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  • Aubade


    Directed by: Mauro CARRARO

    Country: Switzerland

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  • Black Tape

    Black Tape

    Directed by: Michelle KRANOT, Uri KRANOT

    Country: Denmark

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  • Carte noire

    Carte noire

    Directed by: Michaela GRILL

    Country: Austria, Canada

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  • Dans les eaux profondes

    Dans les eaux profondes

    Directed by: Sarah VAN DEN BOOM

    Country: France, Canada

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  • Dissonance


    Directed by: Till NOWAK

    Country: Germany

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  • Drugie Berega

    Drugie Berega

    Directed by: Vasiliy CHIRKOV

    Country: Russia

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  • Elu Herman H. Rottiga

    Elu Herman H. Rottiga

    Directed by: Chintis LUNDGREN

    Country: Croatia, Denmark, Estonia

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  • Ernie Biscuit

    Ernie Biscuit

    Directed by: Adam ELLIOT

    Country: Australia

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  • Fuga na wiolonczele, trabke i pejzaz

    Fuga na wiolonczele, trabke i pejzaz

    Directed by: Jerzy KUCIA

    Country: Poland

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  • Fuligem


    Directed by: David DOUTEL, Vasco SÁ

    Country: Portugal

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  • Goodbye Utopia

    Goodbye Utopia

    Directed by: Ding SHIWEI

    Country: China

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  • Guida


    Directed by: Rosana URBES

    Country: Brazil

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  • Haircut


    Directed by: Virginia MORI

    Country: France, Italy

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  • Immer Müder

    Immer Müder

    Directed by: Jochen KUHN

    Country: Germany

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  • Isand


    Directed by: Riho UNT

    Country: Estonia

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  • Isle of Seals

    Isle of Seals

    Directed by: Edmunds JANSONS

    Country: Latvia

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  • Jazz per un Massacro

    Jazz per un Massacro

    Directed by: Leonardo CARRANO, Giuseppe SPINA

    Country: Italy

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  • Königin Po

    Königin Po

    Directed by: Maja GEHRIG

    Country: Switzerland

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  • Limbo Limbo Travel

    Limbo Limbo Travel

    Directed by: Zsuzsanna KREIF, Borbála ZETENYI

    Country: France, Hungary

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  • Love in the Time of March Madness

    Love in the Time of March Madness

    Directed by: Robertino ZAMBRANO, Melissa JOHNSON

    Country: Australia, USA

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  • Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa

    Mi ne mozhem zhit bez kosmosa

    Directed by: Konstantin BRONZIT

    Country: Russia

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  • Moon Blink

    Moon Blink

    Directed by: Rainer KOHLBERGER

    Country: Germany, Austria

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  • Mynarski chute mortelle

    Mynarski chute mortelle

    Directed by: Matthew RANKIN

    Country: Canada

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  • Nuggets


    Directed by: Andreas HYKADE

    Country: Germany

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  • Pandemonio


    Directed by: Valerio SPINELLI

    Country: Italy

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    Directed by: Momoko SETO

    Country: France

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  • Postindustrial


    Directed by: Boris PRAMATAROV

    Country: Bulgaria

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  • Qui j'ose aimer 

    Qui j'ose aimer 

    Directed by: Laurence DEYDIER, Hugo FRASSETTO

    Country: Belgium, France

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  • Rhizome


    Directed by: Boris LABBÉ

    Country: France

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  • Sexy Laundry

    Sexy Laundry

    Directed by: Izabela PLUCINSKA

    Country: Germany, Canada, Poland

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  • Sillon 672

    Sillon 672

    Directed by: Bastien DUPRIEZ

    Country: France

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  • Sirenashow


    Directed by: Yann GOODFAITH

    Country: France

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  • Snowfall


    Directed by: Conor WHELAN

    Country: Ireland

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  • Sonámbulo


    Directed by: Theodore USHEV

    Country: Canada

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  • Suleima


    Directed by: Jalal MAGHOUT

    Country: Syria

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  • Teeth


    Directed by: Daniel Benjamin GRAY, Tom CJ BROWN

    Country: USA, Hungary, United Kingdom

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  • The Betrayal

    The Betrayal

    Directed by: Susan YOUNG

    Country: United Kingdom

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  • The Five Minute Museum

    The Five Minute Museum

    Directed by: Paul BUSH

    Country: United Kingdom, Switzerland

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  • The Guardian

    The Guardian

    Directed by: Alessandro NOVELLI

    Country: Spain, Italy

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  • The Night of the Naporitan

    The Night of the Naporitan

    Directed by: Yusuke SAKAMOTO

    Country: Japan

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  • The Race

    The Race

    Directed by: Michaël LE MEUR

    Country: France

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  • The Tide Keeper

    The Tide Keeper

    Directed by: Alyx DUNCAN

    Country: New Zealand

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  • Tranche de campagne

    Tranche de campagne

    Directed by: Hannah LETAÏF

    Country: Belgium, France

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  • Uncanny Valley

    Uncanny Valley

    Directed by: Paul WENNINGER

    Country: France, Austria

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  • Viaje a pies

    Viaje a pies

    Directed by: Khris CEMBE

    Country: Spain

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  • World of Tomorrow

    World of Tomorrow

    Directed by: Don HERTZFELDT

    Country: USA

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  • You Look Like Me

    You Look Like Me

    Directed by: Pierre HÉBERT

    Country: Canada

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  • Yùl et le Serpent

    Yùl et le Serpent

    Directed by: Gabriel HAREL

    Country: France

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  • Zepo


    Directed by: César DÍAZ MELÉNDEZ

    Country: Spain

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