Alexandre Alexeïeff et Claire Parker

Alexeieff/Parker, Shadow Tamers

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Discover the secrets of the pinscreen through an exhibition dedicated to Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker, the couple who invented it.

Alexeieff and Parker, masters of animation and experimental filmmaking, have always had a special bond with Annecy and its Festival.
Alexandre Alexeieff was one of the godfathers of the Festival and he created the first posters using the pinscreen and the Atelier de cinéma d'animation d'Annecy et de Haute-Savoie (aaa) was also created under the patronage of the pair.

This year, the Musées de l'agglomération d'Annecy are paying tribute to them through diverse formats:

An exhibition at the Musée-Château
Forty years after the first exhibition on the couple, this latest offering reveals some new aspects of their work together.

A screening
On the programme: a selection of films by Alexandre Alexeieff and Claire Parker, as well as work by Jacques Drouin and Michèle Lemieux.

The promotion of a new book
Richly illustrated with original material and co-published by éditions de l'Œil and the CNC, this collective book presents new perspectives on the couple's creative process.

Exhibition from 8th June to 5th October 2015
10:30 am-18:00 pm