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The Big Sleep

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The Big Sleep pays tribute to filmmakers who have passed away over the past year: Moustapha Alassane, Jacques Giraldeau, Jeff Hale and René Jodoin.

Moustapha Alassane

Moustapha Alassane, an emblematic figure in modern Africa's animation scene, forged his identity through two meetings that would guide him throughout his career: one with Jean Rouch, who passed his passion for film along to him, and the other with Norman McLaren, who taught him different animation techniques and processes.

In 1965, he made The Death of Gandji, the first African animated film and his work, often satirical portrayals of the social situations and customs in his country, marked his homeland of Niger, Africa, and spectators from all over the world.

Discover this filmmaker, a jury member here at Annecy 2007, through three of his films.

Jacques Giraldeau

Jacques Giraldeau, a director who demonstrated true artistic versatility, was an art lover who played an essential role in the Canadian film world. Founder of the first ciné-club in Quebec and one of the founding members of the Cinémathèque québécoise in 1993, he spent the majority of his life working at the NFB.

With over half a century of films in his catalogue, his work exhibits the evolution of Quebec's art history.

Jeff Hale

Jeffrey Hale learned the basics of animation by working on advertising films, before co-founding Biographic Films with Bob Godfrey and Keith Learner in 1954.

In 1960, he joined the National Film Board, where he made The Great Toy Robbery, which soon became a Canadian cartoon classic.

We bring you a glimpse of his work here, characterised by its mischievous humour and light, elegant style.

René Jodoin

In the beginning of René Jodoin's career, he worked closely with Norman McLaren on films like Spheres, in competition at Annecy 1971.

Several of the films he made throughout his career characterised him as the pioneer of geometric abstraction. His films reflect his research into the basics, reasons and outcomes of the things he was doing and everything making up and surrounding his life.

He left behind a great film legacy that you can discover in this programme.


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