On a Full Moon

Women and Animation – The Mother and the Whore

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Annecy 2015 wanted to pay tribute to all the women who have helped to change attitudes and promote female expression in the world of animation. This programme with a provocative title highlights the two great archetypes of female representation.

The Mother and the Whore, the title of Jean Eustache's cult film, was recycled for this programme that brings together films about maternity and sexuality, two of the major recurring themes found in animation films made by women. We could even say that one wouldn't exist without the other.

Films by directors from diverse generations with intersecting points of view, styles, techniques and tendencies are found throughout this programme.

The films presented will allow spectators to forge links and observe differences as well as similarities thanks to work by filmmakers who lived through the rise of feminism (Michèle Cournoyer, Ruth Lingford and Lee Whitmore), their descendants (Signe Baumane and Joanna Quinn) and some fresh faces (Florentine Grelier, Anita Kwiatkowska-Naqvi and Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre).


  • Ab ovo

    Poland - Anita KWIATKOWSKA-NAQVI

  • Death and the Mother

    United Kingdom - Ruth LINGFORD

  • On a Full Moon

    Australia - Lee WHITMORE

  • Girls' Night Out

    United Kingdom - Joanna QUINN

  • Passages

    Canada - Marie-Josée SAINT-PIERRE

  • Pixel Joy

    France - Florentine GRELIER

  • Birth

    USA, Italy - Signe BAUMANE