Eau chaude 1961

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Annecy 2015 is paying tribute to all the women who have helped to change attitudes and promote female expression in the world of animation. The aftermath of 1968 enabled the emancipation of a new generation of women filmmakers.

The first years of live action cinema in France can boast the names of a few women directors like Alice Guy, Germaine Dulac or Germaine Krull. Conversely, animation was not a haven for women before the 1930s, when their first films could finally be seen on the screen.

Even though Claire Parker worked on the film version of Mussorgsky’s Night on Bald Mountain with Alexandre Alexeieff in 1933, she remained in the shadow of her husband throughout her career. We can also mention Léontina Indelli (in association with Joseph Lo Duca) who attempted to work on a few films in colour like La Découverte de l'Amérique (1934).

The second part of the 20th century saw the arrival of such filmmakers as Lucienne Berthon, Laure Garcin, without forgetting Jeannine and Christiane Clerfeuille, who in addition to their excellent work in advertising films in the fifties, had the audacity and merit to make several films for Pierre Braunberger from 1963 on.

The aftermath of 1968 allowed a new generation to emancipate and offer the public the unique films we know today.


  • Eau chaude 1961

    France - Jeannine CLERFEUILLE, Christianne CLERFEUILLE, Raoul FRANCO

  • Caisse nationale d'épargne : Chiffres

    France - Jeannine CLERFEUILLE, Christianne CLERFEUILLE