Een griekse tragedie

Women and Animation - 'Cristal' Women

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Annecy 2015 is paying tribute to all the women who have helped to change attitudes and promote female expression in the world of animation. All together, nine women have taken home the Cristal for a Short Film at Annecy, five of which have won in the last ten years... it looks like the times, they are a-changin'!

The "Cristal" Women programme celebrates female filmmakers who have won the Cristal for a Feature Film at the Annecy Festival:

  • 1979: Alison de Vere for Mr. Pascal
  • 1985: Nicole Van Goethem for A Greek Tragedy
  • 1999: Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby for When the Day Breaks
  • 2006: Regina Pessoa for Tragic Story with Happy Ending
  • 2007: Suzie Templeton for Peter and the Wolf
  • 2009: Hanna Heilborn and David Aronowitsch for Slaves
  • 2012: Michaela Pavlátová for Tram
  • 2014: Dahee Jong for Man on the Chair

With five female filmmakers awarded over the past ten years, it looks like the 21st century is promising a brighter place in the spotlight for women's animation.


  • Mr Pascal

    United Kingdom - Alison DE VERE

  • Een griekse tragedie

    Belgium - Nicole VAN GOETHEM

  • When the Day Breaks

    Canada - Wendy TILBY, Amanda FORBIS

  • Historia trágica com final feliz

    France, Canada, Portugal - Regina PESSOA

  • Slavar

    Sweden - Hanna HEILBORN, David ARONOWITSCH

  • Tram

    France - Michaela PAVLÁTOVÁ

  • Man on the Chair

    France, South Korea - Dahee JEONG

  • Peter & the Wolf

    United Kingdom, Poland - Suzie TEMPLETON