Women and Animation - Florence Miailhe: Honorary Cristal

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Annecy 2015 is paying tribute to all the women who have helped to change attitudes and promote female expression in the world of animation. This programme accentuates Florence Miailhe's subtle work, technical singularity and remarkable skill.

Over the past 25 years, Florence Miailhe has steadily been building her rich filmography by animating painted or drawn images using pastels, charcoal and sometimes sand directly under the camera lens. Beyond her films' technical singularity and the artist's remarkable skill, it's the strong themes found throughout her work that make her shorts stand out.

We should mention the sensuality found in the ensemble of her work. Her films like Hammam, Shéhérazade, Au premier dimanche d'août and Matières à rêver celebrate women's bodies and all their curves with an adept use of warm colours and undulating movements.

Florence Miailhe has greatly contributed to the emergence of feminine eroticism in animation.


  • Hammam

    France - Florence MIAILHE

  • Shéhérazade

    France - Florence MIAILHE

  • Au premier dimanche d'août

    France - Florence MIAILHE

  • Les Oiseaux blancs, les Oiseaux noirs

    France - Florence MIAILHE

  • Matières à rêver

    France - Florence MIAILHE