Guest Country: Spain – Humour and Massacre

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Spanish animation takes pride of place with the From Doodles to Pixels project that looks back at more than 100 years of evolution. The Humour and Massacre programme is the least politically correct of the cycle.

Franco's death was followed by a period of hope and revival during which graphic humour played a key role in pushing the limits of free speech.

Controversial subjects like immigration, consumerism, domestic violence and the abuse of power were all sources of inspiration for animation at the time and can be seen in this programme, which is probably the most aggressive in the whole cycle.

From Doodles to Pixels, curated by Carolina López, is a coproduction of the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona CCCB and Acción Cultural Española AC/E.
With the support of Filmoteca de Catalunya, Filmoteca Española, Movierecord, Tres60BCN and Lobster Films.


  • La edad de la piedra

    Spain - Gabriel BLANCO

  • Estrecho adventure

    Spain - Valeriano LOPEZ

  • Vicenta

    Spain - Sam ORTÍ