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Animation du Monde

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  1. South Africa
  2. Georgia
  3. Indonesia
  4. Madagascar


Explore projects from emerging countries in the animation industry thanks to the new Animation du Monde Pitch Sessions.

Animation projects "without borders"

Each year during the Mifa Pitch sessions, the International Animation Film Market tries to promote projects coming out of countries with limited production capacities.

With this in mind, Annecy is opening a new category, Animation du Monde (World Animation), where a few countries will be put in the spotlight: South Africa, Georgia, Indonesia, etc..

Come and discover these animation projects "without borders" that were selected during a special, customised Call for Projects.

Animation du Monde Mifa Pitches: Friday 19th June, 9:30-10:30 am, Impérial Palace, Ravel A&B

South Africa

South Africa has become a land of creation over the past few years, producing several independent and ambitious projects.

For 4 years, the Annecy Festival and the Mifa have been in communication with South Africa as part of their partnership with l'Institut français d'Afrique du Sud (IFAS). In line with this approach, a special call for projects was launched this year to give independent South African creations visibility and a place of expression.
Three local projects will be highlighted during the Mifa Pitch sessions and one of them will be awarded with three French residencies thanks to the support of l'Abbaye de Fontevraud, Folimage and Ciclic.

Muzi & Kuku by Tim Argall, 2D – TV Series, 26 x 7 min

Come to the quirky African town of Tubatuba and join the adventures of Muzi and Kuku, a taxi driving hippo, and his navigator, a ditsy chicken! Muzi is a big softy who can't say "no" to anyone and Kuku just wants to keep her friend out of trouble.

Waterloo and Trafalgar by Matthew Torode, 2D – Short film, 12 min

Two opposing soldiers spy on each other from behind their respective blue and orange borders. Their opposing views fuel conflict, until one day, they discover that in a circular world, there are no sides.

Kariba by Daniel Clarke, 2D – Short film, 7 min

When conflict erupts between dam builders and displaced tribes, a river spirit leaves its daughter on the banks. Helped by the foreman's son, she must make a perilous journey to the source where a solution to the feud and her identity is hidden.



Georgian animation has been around for 95 years, but the historical events of the 1990s put an end to its industry. However, the artistic process has continued to develop on the side.

A few years ago, the Georgian National Film Center (GNFC), jointly with the Ministry for Culture, started to support animation projects as well as animation festivals in the country.

The Mifa, the GNFC and the Nikozi animation festival subsequently launched a call for projects to give young creatives the possibility to show off their talents. Six of them were able to take part in a workshop, led by Olivier Catherin, in Tbilissi. The project leader chosen from this workshop will have the chance to present it at the Animation du Monde Pitch sessions during the Mifa.

The Pocket Man
The Pocket Man by Ana Chubinidze, 2D – Short film, 6 min

Little Edgar lives in an old suitcase. One day an old blind man crashes into his house. Edgar and the old man become friends. Edgar's new home is now inside the man's pocket, and he becomes his guide.



The archipelago with a population of 250 million holds a lot of potential for the animation industry, as much in terms of creation as in marketing. L'Institut français d'Indonésie (IFI) and the Goethe Institut Indonesia with the support of Fonds culturel franco-allemand put in place a series of steps in 2014 with the goal of professionalising this future sector, one of which was a grant for developing Indonesian short films called Animation3.

Following a call for applications, four Indonesian animators were selected to participate in a workshop with filmmakers Bastien Dubois, Jakob Schuh and Julie Nobelen. One of the four, Hizkia Subiyantotro, has been invited to the Mifa where he will pitch his project Roda Pantura during the Animation du Monde sessions.

Roda Pantura by Hizkia Subiyantotro, 2D – Short film, 8 min

In 1997, an Indonesian truck driver struggles to support his family during the economic crisis. Under pressure from his job, he gets caught up in the Pantura lifestyle and indulges in alcohol, gambling and even prostitution.



If it seems like Madagascan animation is abuzz, filmmaker Sitraka Randiamahaly only confirms this assessment. Discovered in 2012 with his project The Wall, presented as a part of the Focus on African Animation, the Annecy Festival has also fallen for his latest project, L'Oranger d'Itrimobe.

The Mifa has been forming a relationship with Madagascar over the past few years and continuing in this, the Animations du Monde pitch sessions offer you a round trip ticket to the heart of this culture through the discovery of a poetic and ambitious project.

L’Oranger d’Itrimobe
L’Oranger d’Itrimobe by Sitraka Randriamahaly, cut-outs – short film, 6 min

Old Itrimobe likes to play mean when children steal his oranges. But when the little rascals don't come around, Itrimobe is bored to death.