2014 Juries

  1. Feature films
  2. Short films
  3. TV and commissioned films
  4. Graduation films and Off-Limits short films
  5. Jury Fipresci
  6. Junior Juries


The jury members will have the delicate task of choosing among the competing films and bestowing 18 official awards, including the Cristal for short films and the Cristal for feature films.

Check out the jury members for Annecy 2014.

Feature films

  • Luiz Bolognesi
    Luiz Bolognesi

    Director, Brazil


    Writer and director, Luiz Bolognesi was born in Brazil.

    His films Brainstorm (2001), Birdwatchers (2008) and The Best Things in the World (2010), have won him various awards for screenwriting. In 2013, he took home the Annecy Cristal for best feature for Rio 2096: A Story of Love and Fury.

    He is currently shooting his new directorial project, Educação.doc, a documentary depicting the state of education in Brazil today and he has just started writing the screenplay of his next narrative feature.

  • Rhonda Richford
    Rhonda Richford

    The Hollywood Reporter


    Rhonda Richford is a longtime film journalist who is currently the French Correspondent for The Hollywood Reporter, covering the film and television industries and societies, as well as film festivals across France.

    Since 2012, she has field produced short films for US-based productions. Her work has appeared in several publications, including Variety, Entertainment Weekly and the AFP.

  • Rich Magallanes
    Rich Magallanes

    Senior Vice President
    Nickelodeon Animation


    Rich Magallanes is Senior Vice President, Nickelodeon Animation, and oversees Studio Production and Current Series for all of Nickelodeon’s leading animated hit series.
    Beyond production, Magallanes oversees Nickelodeon’s outreach efforts and the Writing and Artist Programs all of which enhance the ability to act as a pipeline for developing creative and innovative new talent. In addition, Magallanes recently incorporated the Social Media department which acts as a marketing function in keeping the animation studio relevant in today’s digital world as well as inspiring and cultivating new talent.


Short films

  • Špela Čadež
    Špela Čadež

    Director, Slovenia


    Špela Čadež was born in Slovenia. After graduating in Graphic Design in 2002, she continued her studies at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany. During her studies, she made two puppet animations that gained international recognition; Mate to Measure, (2004) and Lovesick, (2007).

    Since 2008 Špela Čadež has been working as an independent animation film director and producer. Her latest film, Boles, has been screened worldwide, receiving over 30 awards, distinctions and nominations.

  • Pjotr Sapegin
    Pjotr Sapegin

    Director, Norway


    Pjotr Sapegin was born in 1955 in Moscow, and graduated from the Stanislavsky Theatre Academy.

    He started out as a stage designer in the 80s in the former Soviet Union before moving to Norway in 1990, where he became an animation director, making his first experimental film in 1991. Ever since, he has been making ground-breaking films and is now one of the leading Norwegian animation filmmakers, having collected over 100 awards for his films like Aria (2001) and Through My Thick Glasses (Special Distinction Annecy 2004).

  • Jung Henin
    Jung Henin

    Author, Director, Belgium, South Korea


    Jung Henin, born in South Korea, was adopted when he was 5 in Belgium, and has been living in France since 2001.

    From 2001 to 2007, he published the comic book series Kwaïdan, Okiya and Kyoteru (Éditions Delcourt).

    In 2007, Jung started the graphic novel Approved for Adoption. The adaptation to film was in competition at the Annecy Festival 2012, where it received the Audience Award. The film went on to win numerous awards at festivals all over the world.

    He is currently working on a graphic novel and a feature film.


TV and commissioned films

  • Richard Van Den Boom
    Richard Van Den Boom

    Producer, France


    After a doctorate in Molecular Physics, Richard Van Den Boom created his first company to build high-performance computers and then became a consultant.

    He was introduced to the beautiful world of animation by his wife Sarah Van Den Boom and met the future founders of Papy3D on the Internet forum of Fous d'Anim and later during the Annecy Festival.

    Later, in 2006, he was able to bring his knowledge of company management to the newly created Papy3D Productions.

  • Anthony Silverston
    Anthony Silverston

    Author, Scriptwriter, South Africa


    Anthony Silverston was one of the writers and producers of Triggerfish Animation Studios' first feature Zambezia, and completed three independent stop-motion shorts.

    He is director and co-writer of Khumba, which premiered in competition at Annecy in 2013, screened at a number of international Festivals and won two Gold Panda Awards in China.

    He is also one of the co-founders of Animation SA and is now a partner at Triggerfish Animation Studios in South Africa.

  • Anthony Roux
    Anthony Roux

    Director, France


    Anthony Roux (aka Tot) is an author, screenwriter and filmmaker as well as Creative Director at Ankama, which he co-founded ten years ago.

    He also dreamed up the quirky and colourful epic universe of Krosmoz that has since been developed in several eras, such as DOFUS and WAKFU. Ankama has created this fantasy world over a number of media: video games, comics, animation and now feature films.

    He then created the transmedia made in Ankama where each project enriches the whole universe and the characters found there.


Graduation films and Off-Limits short films

  • Andrea Martignoni
    Andrea Martignoni

    Composer Distributor, Italy


    After studying at the University of Bologna, in 1996 Andrea Martignoni received a research scholarship from the Canadian government at the Cinémathèque québécoise.

    He founded the Laboratorio di Musica e Immagine before working with the Compagnia d'Arte Drummatica, the OTTOmani cultural association, cine-concerts and workshops about sound and animation.

    He has directed soundtracks of short animations for many filmmakers, as well as audiovisual performances with Pierre Hébert, Basmati and Theodore Ushev.

  • Michelle Kranot
    Michelle Kranot

    Director, Denmark


    Michelle Kranot, an artist, acclaimed animation filmmaker and producer, born in Tel Aviv, Israel, studied Film at Tel Aviv University and Animation at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

    Since 2006 she has been artist in residence and guest teacher at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Her personal work, together with co-director Uri Kranot, has been awarded over forty international prizes for their films including Hollow Land in 2013.

  • Annette Schindler
    Annette Schindler

    Festival Fantoche Director, Switzerland


    Annette Schindler has established her reputation as director of the Kunsthaus Glarus (1995-1997) and the Swiss Institute in New York (1997-2000) as well as initiator and co-founder of plug.in Art and New Media Basel (2000-2010) and the Shift Festival of Electronic Arts (2007-2010).

    In 2010, the Federal Office of Culture honoured her with the Swiss Art Award ''Prix Meret Oppenheim''. Since 2012, she has been director of Fantoche, the International Animation Film Festival in Baden, Switzerland.


Fipresci Jury

  • Midhat Ajanović Ajan
    Midhat Ajanović Ajan



    Midhat Ajanović Ayan is a writer, film theoretician, cartoonist and filmmaker who started animating films at Zagreb Film in Croatia. Since 1994, he has been living in Sweden where he obtained a Doctorate in the Philosophy of Film Studies. He teaches Film and Animation History at the university level. He has published several works about film, been an organiser, artistic director and jury member for various festivals, receiving numerous awards, such as the Special Contribution to Animation Studies Award at Animafest 2010 in Zagreb.

  • Bujor Ion Rîpeanu
    Bujor Ion Rîpeanu



    Bujor Ion Rîpeanu is a film critic and historian as well as an archivist at the Romanian Film Library where he used to be managing director. Alongside his duties as researcher of Romanian film history at the Research Institute for Art History, he has written numerous books and articles about Romanian cinema. A jury member at international festivals, he is also a contributor to the International Federation of Film Critics and to the Domitor and AFRHC associations.

  • Claus Loeser
    Claus Loeser



    Claus Loeser was born in 1962 in the heart of East Germany. After studying Film, he became a film critic, writer, director and lecturer on totalitarian film culture. He later curated the special programme, dedicated to films from the former Eastern Block, screened at the 2009 Berlinale before writing a dissertation on East German underground films. He is currently the programme director for the Brotfabrik cinema in Berlin.



Junior Juries

This year, 4 young Slovenians from The Elephant: Educational Animated Film Program will join 4 youngsters from the Atelier de cinéma d’animation d’Annecy et de Haute-Savoie (aaa) to form two junior juries.

The juries

  • Short films:
    (11/12 years)

    • Vid Gojkovic, 11 yrs, The Elephant
    • Anna Longeret, 11 yrs, aaa
    • Victor Schenck, 12 yrs, aaa
    • Lovro Smrekar, 12 yrs, The Elephant
  • Graduation films:
    (13/14 years)

    • Nea Ciuha Najder, 13 yrs, The Elephant
    • Elise Engel, 14 yrs, aaa
    • Klara Kracina, 14 yrs, The Elephant
    • Lucas Sayou, 13 yrs, aaa