Funny Films: Programme 4

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What makes you laugh? A question that only you can answer and that only you can... vote!

That's why we came up with the idea of organising a sort of competition where 40 films will be at the starting line, measuring themselves against each other to determine the champion and titleholder of the funniest film in the history of animation.

They're all there, hopping up and down with impatience, heroes from all eras, the giggle brigade and masters of gags and timing. Tex Avery is standing beside his old mates Chuck Jones and Friz Freleng, Bruno Bozzetto is torn between wearing the colours of Europe or Italy, Osvaldo Cavandoli is doing stretching exercises to revive his supple and articulate figure... For their part, the younger ones will not be left intimidated: Alexey Alexeev intends to keep pace, Don Hertzfeld knows that there are no holds barred, whereas PES is ready to make the furniture suffer.

Amongst the 40 selected films, eight have been rewarded with an Oscar, three nominated and winners of the Annecy Cristal. An impressive list, but today you are the only judges. The battle will take place on the screen, everything will be decided in the theatre. The two films with the most votes for each screening will have the privilege of going into the final, along with the two "best thirds". Then Friday's screening will be made up of the ten finalists.

Public of Annecy: it's for you to vote!

Marcel JEAN