Ognisty Ptak

Poland: Esthetes and Music Lovers

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There are two trends central to Polish animation, enriched by their close connection with music and technique.

This programme celebrates two rich sources of influence to Polish animation. Firstly, some films nurturing a fruitful relationship with music and technical virtuosity. Secondly, a few films with a pictorial feel, sometimes but not necessarily abstract, that represent the triumph of illustration or visual art because of the importance they attach to graphic design.

Aleksandra Korejwo is the most famous representative of this movement, and the films she devoted to Bizet or Saint-Saëns are typical of the genre. The Firebird by Andrzej Gosieniecki is in continuation with Korejwo's approach, while Zbigniew Rybczynski uses rotoscoping in Music Art to create a visual equivalent to a jazz piece.

The fascinating and unsettling III by Jakub Lech is a perfect example of the second trend. The young filmmaker follows the lead of veteran Piotr Kamler, whose film The Step (1975), produced in France, is a classic of the genre. From Kamler, we have chosen to present Continu - discontinu 2010, proving that at over 75 years old, the artist's work still remains completely relevant.

Most of the films presented are recent (the most recent being an homage to Giorgio de Chirico, Lost Senses by Marcin Wasilewski), which shows their strong prevalence in the production of today.


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