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  Speakers 2013



    Deputy Creative Director
    Realise Studio


    A Director of 3D Creation and Visual Effects Supervisor, Jordi Bares Dominguez is responsible for innovation and creative excellence for Realise Studio, which specialises in post-production. His work has received many prizes, such as BTAA Craft Awards, multiple Clio Awards, D&AD yellow pencils, and various accolades at the Australian Effects and Animation Festival, Australia?s Young Guns and London International Awards, for works such as the commercial launching Sony Playstation 2, Mountain, and The Quest, promoting Tooheys' beer.

  • Alexandre BRETHEAU
    Alexandre BRETHEAU

    Technical Director
    Cube Creative


    Alexandre Bretheau joined Cube Creative in 2007. He first worked as a set up and animation supervisor before going on to be general supervisor on most of the studio's productions.


    Triggerfish Animation


    Mike Buckland has over 15 years experience in CG animation, from commercials to feature productions such as Zambezia and Khumba. His broad background in all aspects of the CG production process has enabled him to structure the crew and develop the pipelines necessary to facilitate the animation process at Triggerfish. He is also responsible for the Creative and Production teams in the studio.


    Tondo Films


    After a number of years making commercials and music videos Jan Bultheel began working on animated films for kids with the international co-production Hareport, shown in 2009. Cafard is his first feature to combine new technologies with new work procedures.

  • Duncan BURBIDGE
    Duncan BURBIDGE

    Senior Producer
    The Third Floor


    After working on the pre-production of such films as Matrix, Clash of the Titans and War Horse, Duncan Burbidge became the main producer at The Third Floor in London, in 2011. His work approach combines a unique in previsualisation, VFX and facility infrastructure.

  • Andreas CARLEN
    Andreas CARLEN



    Since 1995, Andreas Carlén has been creating custom software solutions for the development of games and 2D/3D animation destined for both television and feature film productions. In 2008, he founded GameFusion, a company specialised in cross-media technologies for digital entertainment. He has also created a new set of collaborative software technologies combining traditional animation techniques and interactive game applications.


    Owner CEO
    Copenhagen Bombay


    Sarita Christensen works for Copenhagen Bombay on science fiction and cross-media projects for young children based on new platforms and media.


    Film Supervisor
    Buf Compagnie


    A graduate of Toulouse Fine Arts school, Yann de Cadoudal began his career with Buf Compagnie as a CG Artist in 2002, and later worked as a Sequence Supervisor on films such as Alexander, Babylon A.D., Enter the Void and Thor. He was also Lighting Supervisor as well as On-Set Supervisor for films such as Babylon A.D., The Scapegoat and The Grandmaster.

  • Raffaella DELLE DONNE
    Raffaella DELLE DONNE

    Triggerfish Animation


    Raffaella Delle Donne is Head Writer at Triggerfish, where she writes, generates and oversees development of new content for the studio. She is co-writer of the animated features Zambezia, winner of the Best South African feature at Durban International Festival in 2012 and nominated for 2 Annie Awards and Khumba, winner of the UK Council/NFVF-funded scriptwriting competition and selected for the No Borders International Film Market in New York. Her articles have been published in both national and international publications.

  • Ferran DOMENECH
    Ferran DOMENECH

    Animation Supervisor
    Moving Picture Company


    Involved in the visual effects industry for the past 12 years, Ferran Domenech has worked for MPC on films such as Tomb Raider, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Ridley Scott's Prometheus and The Lone Ranger by Gore Verbinsky.




    Marc du Pontavice is the President of Xilam Animation and the SPFA (Union of French Animated Film Producers). He started his career at Gaumont where he co-founded Gaumont TV (1991-95) and created Gaumont Multimédia in 1995, renamed as Xilam Animation in 1999. He is currently working on the adaptation of Oggy and the Cockroaches which will be released in summer 2013.

    Finally, Marc du Pontavice is the director and founder of One World Films, a fiction features production company.

  • Armelle GLORENNEC
    Armelle GLORENNEC

    Blue Spirit Productions


    Producer at Blue Spirit Productions, Armelle Glorennec started off as Line Producer at JPL Films working on animated films, before joining the Blue Spirit group in 2005. She is currently overseeing the production process through Blue Spirit’s integrated production studios located in Angoulême and Brussels.

  • Yoni GOODMAN
    Yoni GOODMAN

    Director of animation


    Yoni Goodman was animation director for Ari Folman's film The Congress from 2011 to 2013, managing the work for 7 animation studios worldwide in Israel, Luxemburg, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Philippines.


    Walking the Dog


    Éric Goossens founded the Brussels-based production company Walking The Dog in 1999 with his partner Anton Roebben. The studio has produced many animated series and films, including two Oscar nominated features: The Triplets of Belleville and The Secret of Kells.

    Walking The Dog and EuropaCorp are currently working on Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart, due for release in 2014.

  • Daniel GREGOIRE
    Daniel GREGOIRE

    Founder, CEO
    HALON Entertainment


    Daniel Grégoire has been a Previs Director for some of the most exciting projects in the last decade, for example: Star Wars: Episode II and Star Wars: Episode III, THX 1138 (George Lucas), The War of the Worlds, Indiana Jones 4, The Spiderwick Chronicles, The Last Airbender, Cowboys and Aliens, World War Z and Star Trek Into Darkness. He has worked for DreamWorks Animation, Apple, The Mill, Method Studios, Kia, NBC et AMD and is also a founding member and Treasurer for Previs Society.

  • Hal HICKEL
    Hal HICKEL

    Animation Director


    Hal Hickel is Head of Animation at Industrial Light & Magic. Since he joined ILM in 1996, he has supervised the animation of such films as A.I. Artificial Intelligence, the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Iron Man, Super 8, Rango and more recently Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim.

  • Malene IVERSEN
    Malene IVERSEN

    Head of Sales


    Malene Iversen has been the Head of Sales since 2010, when Copenhagen Bombay Sales ApS was established to optimize the distribution of the company's projects in Denmark and abroad.

  • Pierrot JACQUET
    Pierrot JACQUET

    Head of Productions
    Cube Creative


    Pierrot Jacquet joined Cube Creative Productions in 2002 to work on advertising management, special formats and the Kaeloo series. He now oversees most of their productions.

  • Éric JACQUOT
    Éric JACQUOT

    CEO, Producer
    Blue Spirit Productions


    In 1990, Éric Jacquot founded the post-production and animation services providers TEVA and Toon Factory. After running them till 2004, he created Blue Spirit Productions. As Chairman and majority shareholder there he develops its activities of production and animation services.

  • Olivier JEAN MARIE
    Olivier JEAN MARIE



    Animator, Supervisor and Animation Director Olivier Jean-Marie directed the TV series Oggy and the Cockroaches, The New Adventures of Lucky Luke and Space Goofs (season 2) before working on the feature Go West, a Lucky Luke Adventure, selected for Annecy 2008. Recently he has written and directed the feature Oggy and the Cockroaches, the Movie which will be shown at the open-air screenings on Le Pâquier on Thursday 13th June, at 10:15 pm.

  • Benjamin LEGROS
    Benjamin LEGROS

    Cofounder, Lead R&D Engineer
    Mercenaries Engineering


    Benjamin Legros co-founded Mercenaries Engineering with Cyril Corvazier in 2005 to develop innovative high-end production software designed specifically for animation and visual effects industries.

  • Petter LINDBLAD
    Petter LINDBLAD

    Copenhagen Bombay


    Petter Lindblad has been a producer at Copenhagen Bombay since January 2007. Since 2011, he has been in charge of the Swedish branch of Copenhagen Bombay Sweden AB.

    He is known for The Secret of the Ice Flower (2012), The Great Bear (2011), The Apple & The Worm (2009), Carsten & Gitte's Movie Madness (2008) and Island of Lost Souls (2006).

  • Marc MIANCE
    Marc MIANCE

    Research & Development Director


    Creator of the visual concept for Renaissance, Cristal winner for best feature in 2006, Marc Miance now runs the R&D company for digital cinema Alkymia, created in 2010. With his production company, Let'So Ya!, he is producing the animation features Why I Did (Not) Eat my Father by Jamel Debbouze and Cyclions by Isabelle Tonnel.

  • Vincent PERCEVAULT
    Vincent PERCEVAULT

    Manager, Founder
    Game Audio Factory

  • Isabelle PERIN-LEDUC
    Isabelle PERIN-LEDUC

    VFX Supervisor
    Buf Compagnie


    Isabelle Perin-Leduc is Head of Special Effects at Buf Compagnie. She has worked on many adverts as well as on such films as Alexander, Arthur and the Invisibles, Be Kind Rewind, Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and The Darkest Hour.

  • Kristof SERRAND
    Kristof SERRAND

    Head of Character Animation


    Kristof Serrand has been a supervising animator at DreamWorks for 18 years. He has taken part in the development and animation of many characters over the last 30 years, with diverse artists including Albert Uderzo, Paul Grimault or Steven Spielberg. He recently worked on The Croods, released in April 2013.

  • Anthony SILVERSTON
    Anthony SILVERSTON

    Triggerfish Animation


    Anthony Silverston is one of the partners and Head of Development at Triggerfish Animation Studios. In addition to writing and directing Khumba, he was one of the writers and producers of Adventures in Zambezia, winner of the Best South African feature at the Durban International Festival in 2012 and nominated for two Annie Awards.

  • Arielle SLEUTEL
    Arielle SLEUTEL

    Tondo Films


    "My commitment as a producer is to assist wilful film makers to create their desires, help them to go all the way with the project and find the means to do it. At least, that is what I did by helping out on the production of Cafard. Jan Bultheel is a real auteur and has made a quality film with a very personal style that took a lot of hard work to produce."

  • Biography

    Jean-François Szlapka has been the co-CEO of SolidAnim since its inception in 2007. The company specialises in motion capture and new technologies related to 3D animation and special effects previsualisation for cinema. He is also responsible for coordinating SolidAnim's R&D department.

  • Serge UMÉ
    Serge UMÉ

    CEO, Project Manager, Art Director
    Digital Graphics


    Serge Umé founded Digital Graphics in 1994 with his brother. Together they have worked on more than 60 productions including Mr Nobody, Les Émotifs anonymes, The Secret of Kells, Ernest & Celestine and Death of a Shadow (Oscar 2013 nominated). Currently he is working on Loulou, the Incredible Secret produced by Prima Linea and The Song of the Sea, directed by Tomm Moore.

  • Alexis WAJSBROT
    Alexis WAJSBROT

    CG FX Supervisor


    Alexis Wajsbrot joined Framestore in 2009 as Lead FX Technical Director for Mike Newell's Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. He has recently supervised the special effects on Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón and the CG imagery on Shane Black's Iron Man 3.

    He also works on his own projects, such as the award-winning Red Balloon.


  • Thierry BARBIER
    Thierry BARBIER

    Executive Producer


    Thierry Barbier is an executive producer and expert in special formats (including large formats), 3D and augmented reality.

    He is a founding partner of AmaK, a design and production studio devoted to the promotion of artistic and cultural content on digital supports. AmaK advises, designs and produces films as well as interactive, immersive environments.

  • René BROCA
    René BROCA

    Co-Head of Editorial Content (conferences 2013), Consultant


    René Broca is a freelance consultant who has been looking after the editorial concept of the Annecy professional conferences since 2005. He is also Co-Head of editorial content for the Forum Blanc.

    As a freelance consultant he works particularly in the fields of animation and digital pictures, dividing these activities between preparing and coordinating conferences and professional events and writing studies about the sector. He is also Managing Director of the French Network of Animation Schools (Reca).

  • Patrick CARADEC
    Patrick CARADEC

    Le Film français


    Patrick Caradec has been a journalist for the professional weekly Le Film français since 1996. In charge of producing animated feature films, he is also a specialist in training, technical industries and new technologies for cinema.

  • Baptiste HEYNEMANN
    Baptiste HEYNEMANN

    Head of Technical Industries and Innovation


    Since December 2011, Baptiste Heynemann has been in charge of the innovation and technical industries unit at the CNC, which supports the mutations in audiovisual and the cinema due to the development of digital technologies.

  • Stéphane MALAGNAC
    Stéphane MALAGNAC

    Journalist, Media Consultant


    A journalist and cross-media consultant for press relations, Stéphane Malagnac has 17 years of experience in the fields of broadcasting, visual effects and animation. He founded Prop’OSE in 2010 and collaborates as a consultant with European animation studios and other international companies working in imagery.

  • Simon VANESSE
    Simon VANESSE

    Head of Studies
    ISART Digital


    Before being Head of Studies at the ISART Digital school (Paris/Montreal), Simon Vanesse worked in pre-production and as a VFX filmmaker at BUF Compagnie. He worked on VFX on such films as The Grandmaster (Wong Kar-wai), Thor (Kenneth Branagh), Speed Racer (Wachowski brothers) and Dante 01 (Marc Caro).

  • Christian Jacquemart
    Christian Jacquemart

    Independent consultant


    Independent consultant, Christian Jacquemart has been devising and organising professional conferences like e-magiciens in Valenciennes since 1999, as well as the Annecy conferences since 2005. He is the co-author of several specialist studies, notably on behalf of Magelis and CNC and books such as Les Métiers du cinéma d'animation et des effets spéciaux.