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2010 Team

The people who made Annecy 2010 possible

Patrick Eveno (CEO), assisted by Laure Baudillon

Martine Jamme (Accountant), assisted by Charline Girod

Tiziana Loschi (Managing Director, Head of Events), assisted by Céline Meurier

Serge Bromberg (Festival Artistic Director), assisted by Géraldine Baché

Daniel Bouillot (Training, Research and Financial Projects Delegate)

Émilie Gervais, Elsa Jacquemoud (Reception)

Laurence Thibault (Accreditation Ticket reservation), assisted by Juanita Deperraz, Pascaline Parot

Laure Thoré-Baravaglio (Festival Boutique), assisted by Fabien Mollier, Maël Palau

Les Parisiennes, Sarah Lévy, Céline Gomes (Press office), assisted by Carole Martinato

Judith Cristofaro, Laurence Ythier (Communications and Sponsors/Partners, regional press), assisted by Cindy Bazaugour, Olivia Manzoni, Anaïs Monard

Monica Corbani (Creative Focus), assisted by Solène Gigante, Joëlle Chaussemier (Calls for Projects), Léo Pignaud

Laurent Valière (Work in Progress)

René Broca, Christian Jacquemart, Christelle Rony (Conferences), assisted by Marine Lamblin

Laurent Million (Film and programming management), assisted by Tristan Girel, Julien Maymon, Yves Nougarède, Sébastien Sperer

Géraldine Baché (Guests, Exhibitions), assisted by Laetitia Meslay, Marion Viger

Monica Tasciotti (Features at Noon), assisted by Anaïs Monard

Romain Courtine (Logistic), assisted by Amanda Foust, Thomas Gauthier

Mickaël Marin (Mifa), assisted by Véronique Encrenaz, Zo-Yu Huang, Corentin Lambot

Maryse Berger (DTP), assisted by Alexandra Farcy, Hélène Giraud, Sophie Matter, Laurent Monnet, Phonn Yorth

Floriane Bertez (Publications Editorial), assisted by Mathieu Bardot

Ferréole Lespinasse (Web editorial)

Véronique Combe (Volunteers and Trainees)

Martine Souliman (Copy Desk, copy editing/revision), assisted by Stéphanie Bergeron, Émilie Gervais, Nathalie Guillaumond, Simon Lachapelle-Robillard

Géraldine Baché, Laure Baudillon, Laëtitia Meslay, Laurence Thibault (Secretaries for selection committees)

Audrey Ancé, Alice Avila, Brice di Gennato, Gwenaëlle Duriaud (Secretaries for juries)

Jérémy Clerc, Cédric Cuz, Jérôme Dupin, Emmanuel Jacques (Information Systems, Web and multimedia), assisted by Quentin Duclaux, Jonathan Gagnon, Sophia Teixera Alami

Marie Collinet, Corinne Denis (Translation), assisted by Daniel Richardson

Pascaline Parot (Festival Hospitality)

Bernard Chevron (Mifa Hospitality)

Jean-Jacques Lautier (Mifa security)

Cyril Delhomenie, Amandine Offray, www.freefree.fr (Graphic Design)

Dan Arama (Special screenings and closing ceremony organiser)

Nathalie Pattier (Festival poster)

Corinne Denis, Graziella Goy, Gérard Humbert, Felix McGinley (Festival Announcers)


Not forgetting all the volunteers and temporary workers who joined the Annecy 2010 team.